Does Kroger Drug Test?

Does Kroger Drug Test? We are about to find out everything you need to know about Kroger drug testing new hires. Kroger company ranks top among the largest grocery chains in America.

Founded in 1988 in Cincinnati by Bernard Kroger, the company currently runs different retail outlets — from convenience stores to supermarkets — across 35 states in the US.

Kroger operates chains including Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and Kwik Shop, to mention a few.

Kroger boasts over 453,000 employees spread over 39,000 destinations across the united states. Although Kroger, to date, has no foreign presence, it still ranks second on the list of biggest hypermarket chains globally.

With such employee turnover, many in the united states desire a career at Kroger. And one common question these job seekers ask is: does Kroger drug test? Do they run a pre-or post-employment drug test?

After a deep dig into Kroger’s employment policies, the article gives a comprehensive look at the company’s drug-testing policy; how to scale through, and increase your chances of landing a job.

Let’s dive in…

Does Kroger Drug Test Employees in [year]?

Does Kroger Drug Test Employees

In a bid to uphold integrity, Kroger’s Code of Ethics explains the need for workers to maintain high ethical, moral, and legal standards.

Although the ethics code may not be strictly followed always, Kroger, typical of businesses, seeks to provide a convenient atmosphere for its customers, suppliers, and employees.

Hence, Kroger reserves the right to conduct drug tests for its employees — whether random or scheduled.

That said, our research shows that Kroger seldom does drug testing, except in the event an employee involves in a suspicious accident within the facility.

Kroger may, however, subject workers assigned to safety and security-conscious positions to random testing. This is to curb the occurrence of accidents in the workplace.

Wherever a drug test is required, Kroger ensures the procedures align with the provisions of the state and federal statutes.

Does Kroger Run Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Many reviews from workers say Kroger runs a drug test even before the job interview. They report a mouth swab test as the company’s preferred drug test method.

Although running a test on every single interviewee may be pretty heavy on their budget, this is perhaps an effective way to pick out active smokers from the interview processes.

So, when applying for a job at Kroger, keep in mind that a drug test might come as early as your first interview.

If for any reason — location, and other factors — you don’t get drug tested at this early stage, you will, eventually.

So, regardless of ‘when,’ practically everyone says Kroger does a pre-employment drug test.

What Drugs Do They Test for?

The 5-panel drug test is typically used for Kroger’s pre-employment drug test. This test, as the name suggests, checks for five drugs, including Cocaine, THC, Methamphetamine, Opiates, and PCP.

How to Pass Kroger Drug Test

Most reviews say Kroger does saliva, mouth swab tests. This is a cheap kind of test – no need for a lab, as it can be done by anybody and at any time.

Wondering how to get around the drug test?

Here are easy ways to go about it:

Some drugs cannot be detected in the saliva for up to 72 hours after dosing — except drugs like THC, a compound found in the marijuana plant, which stays in your saliva for as much as 7 days after your last smoke.

So, marijuana smokers are advised to stay off for, at least, one week.

A thorough mouth brush should follow this break, say, at least, thrice daily, and use of mouthwash 3 to 4 times daily — that should do.

  1. There is saliva neutralizing products on the market. This may also help you when caught on short notice.

Before you step in for the interview, you may pop a capsule of saliva neutralizing gum, chew, and swallow.

This neutralizes your saliva for up to 30 minutes. If the interview goes longer, you may have some capsules handy and pop as you prepare for the test.

  1. if you anticipate a urine test, you may need to go with a Sub Solution.

For unsupervised tests, synthetic urine is your best bet. This urine will pass any visual test and, of course, lab tests. With the Sub Solution, you’ll be able to maintain the temperature at intervals.

Why Drug Tests?

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug dependence says drugs cause great harm to businesses. The regulatory body says these substances account for a whopping $81 billion loss annually. Drug use may affect an employee’s judgment focus, even more, put the hirers at risk of a lawsuit.

Considering these, Kroger, as with other businesses, conduct drug test for employees – both prospective and current. This is in their bid to guard against poor performance and drug use-related risks.

Kroger’s drug test gives a particular spotlight on positions related to safety and security.

What happens if you fail a drug test?

If this happens at any point — whether pre-or post-employment — Kroger immediately terminates your engagement with them.

Getting Hired at Kroger

Getting Hired at Kroger

Getting a job at Kroger isn’t rocket science. The guide below gives you a sneak peek into what to expect as you prepare to go through the hiring process:

 Online Application

First, visit the job page on Kroger’s website and create an account in other to view available vacancies. After selecting your area of interest, fill out the education, contact, job experience, race, gender, and other fields on the form.

You will also complete a list of pre-employment queries like age, tax credit, availability, criminal history, etc.

In some cases, you may have to upload your CV/Resume (as a PDF or Word document) and a reference letter. However, these are not compulsory, as they do not influence your chances of landing a job.

When submitting a resume, do well to personalize it to capture some keywords stated in the job description. The fact is, most employers filter their applications with a tracking system.

When Applying In-store (Offline)

As with online applications, offline applications take almost the same standard. Most stores prefer on-site applications.

After completing the paper forms, get ready to give all the required employment information.

Remember to come along with your resume also.

The on-site application allows you to meet with the hiring managers face-to-face, even before the interview proper. This singular factor gives on-site applicants a slight edge over online applicants.

Kroger’s Employment Test

After applying, you’d be directed to take an employment test. The test features multiple-choice-answer questions.  Each question comes with four likely answers – Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.

No worries, though. The questions are easily handled with ‘common sense.’

Often, the assessment involves situational-based queries aimed to evaluate your competencies and skills. They are, in most cases, job-specific questions. A little brainstorming should give you the correct answers.

If your interview performance says you are a good fit for the position, Kroger will contact you for a one-on-one interview.

The in-person interview usually involves a face-to-face session between the applicant and the director or store manager.

Drug Test and Background Check

Kroger’s hiring process involves, as mentioned earlier, a drug test and a background check.

The fact is, this stage is usually the bottleneck for many applicants. Candidates who fail this aspect may give up their idea of working for Kroger.

Applicants who scale through the drug test phase undergo a thorough background check to see if anything in their past disqualifies them from handling the position.

Typically, it takes about two weeks to get the result. So, don’t get scared if you don’t get contacted immediately.

Training and Orientation

Persons who scale through the Kroger background check will receive an invite for presentation, followed by training. Normally, this process takes anywhere between one day to one week.


When applying for a job at Kroger, remember, as, with any job, persistence is a keyword. There are thousands of people applying for the position you desire. Of course, it is simple logic to think that while some will get the task, others won’t.

If, for any reason, you fall among the latter, don’t give up. Check and follow up with the Service Director in few-week intervals.

Note that, some Kroger stores operate unions. Active membership in these unions increases your chances of getting a job significantly.

Also, be willing to grab a part-time job at Kroger — a secret to easily navigate to a full-time position.

What’s Kroger’s Salary Like?

Salary and hourly wages at Kroger vary across positions. Reviews on Glassdoor say cashiers and baggers receive between $7 to $18 hourly.

For those seeking something higher on the command chain, Store managers earn between $36,523 to $100,555 annually. Typically, a store manager earns $64,924.

Deli clerks’ paycheck at Kroger ranges from $7 to $14 hourly. For stock clerks, they earn between $15,141 to $28,999 a year.

Kroger interview tips

  • For entry positions like a courtesy clerk and bagger, you may show up business casual for the interview. For management and pharmacist positions, dress formally.
  • Research to know everything you can about Kroger
  • Be early — at least 10 minutes before schedule
  • Come with photocopies of your resume

Speak boldly and maintain good eye contact and body language during the interview

Don’t speak too slowly, either too fast. Create a fine balance between sounding too nervous and too boring will go a long way.

How does it feel like working at Kroger?

How does it feel like working at Kroger

If reviews from workers are anything to go by, Kroger company is, indeed, a dream company for most job seekers. Thanks to their conducive work environment and appealing remuneration.

The firm offers a comprehensive welfare package for workers for increased efficiency.

However, most workers report extensively long work hours and strict managerial supervision.

As expected of retail outlets, you should be prepared to get offended by rude customers daily.

Wrap up

Kroger is one of the highest employers of labor in the US. Yet, they are open to new applications practically all year round.

Indeed, Kroger offers a great opportunity to earn and build a career.

Again – Does Kroger still drug test in 2021?

Yes, they do. But we trust the information above will not only help you scale through their drug test screening but also help you familiarize yourself with the entire hiring process, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Good luck.

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