does heb hire felons

Does H-E-B Hire Convicted Felons?

Getting a job with a felony has been a major challenge among former offenders across the United States. The good news is – regardless of your felony records, you can still get a job with the big companies.

Daily, we get inquiries on the hiring policies of these big companies. One of such common questions is: Does H-E-B hire felons?

If you are a felon, who is second-guessing your chances of getting a job with H-E-B, no worries. This article offers an in-depth look at H-E-B’s policies – particularly as it relates to hiring felons.

Now let’s examine your chances of landing a job at H-E-B as an ex-convict.

About H-E-B

H-E-B is a San Antonio-based private-owned supermarket with over 350 stores across Texas and Northeast Mexico. They also run Central Market – an organic and fine foods retailer.

In 2019, the company earned the 11th spot on Forbes’ American Largest Private Companies – recent among many other awards in its name.

The company, as of 2018, had 100,000 workers spread across over 340 locations.

Does H-E-B Hire Felons in [year]?

does heb hire felons

On their online Partner guide, H-E-B agrees they conduct a criminal background check. This, they say, is in a bid to create and sustain a safe workplace for their customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as maintain cordial relationships with their communities.

Furthermore, they say while a criminal record on an applicant’s background check does not automatically disqualify them from employment, specific criminal misconduct may cost a partner’s job. This is widely dependent on whether or not there are any links between the actual crime and the nature of the position sought.

For instance, a theft-related felony may ruin an applicant’s chances of getting hired as a Checker, since it relates to handling cash.

If this claim is anything to go by, then felons stand a good chance of getting hired at H-E-B.

Although they may not accept all felony cases, they are not one of those companies that shut their doors at felons, outrightly. 

Does H-E-B have felons on their payroll currently?

Our research validates the company’s felony-friendly claim on their policy. Truly, they have had a number of felons on their payroll.

We found felons online who got employed at H-E-B, regardless of their convictions.

So, we can say their hiring decisions are widely based on the nature and severity of a felon’s offense. Some particular felony may pose a bigger employment barrier than others.

Read on to find out some offenses that may cripple your chances of getting hired at H-E-B.

What about persons with a misdemeanor? Do they stand any chance?

From the policy published on their site, of course, a misdemeanor will not automatically ruin your chances of getting employed.

Besides, it’s only logical to think if they could hire persons with a felony, then the process will be even less challenging for one who committed d lesser crime.

Ensure, however, you are honest about your records. No use trying to conceal your criminal past, as it would eventually show up on their background check report. And when it does, that seals your ruin.

Is H-E-B a Ban-The-Box supporter?

Even with the clamor against segregation towards people with felony records, many employees still screen applicants based on their past records.

The ban the box list contains names of companies that support equal employment opportunities regardless of some historical events.

The ban the box campaign seeks to take out questions concerning one’s past convictions from the employment application process.

The Fair Chance Business pledge allows employees to reiterate their preference for qualification over a criminal past.

Some employees still get their way around asking records-related questions way down the hiring process.

It is, however, noteworthy that some felon-friendly companies do not feature on the ban the box list or sign the Fair Chance Business Pledge. We perceive H-E-B falls under this class – although they are not on the ban the box list, over time, they have proven to be felon-friendly.

 Does HEB run any special scheme for felons?

We doubt they have any felon-designed program. This is no big deal, though. It only entails that felons will go through the normal recruitment process, as everyone else does.

What are my chances of getting hired with a criminal record?

Our research shows that an average felon stands a chance of getting hired at H-E-B. We found their policies do not scare off felons. And this is evident in the testimonies of felons who have worked with them. With these factors, you too can get on their payroll too.

Just come out honest about your records if asked – with their background check, you can’t hide it for long anyway.

Some entry-level Jobs at H-E-B

H-E-B offers a range of entry-level jobs. Here are some of those we found on their website

  • Delivery driver – they are responsible for grocery delivery to customers.
  • Checker – they salute customers, scan their purchases, and handle the cash register
  • Overnight stocker – they ensure routine restocking of items overnight and ensure a good display of new products.
  • Customer Service Assistant – they help customers package their groceries and assist them in their vehicles.
  • Overnight sanitation – they clean of windows, floors, and restrooms.

Besides these in-store positions, they also have slots in transportation, warehouse, and manufacturing units.

While you may begin at a basic level, you have enough time to prove your worth and go up the ladder.

How do I increase my chances of getting hired with a felony?

Now, we are sure H-E-B has an ideal relationship with felons. Let’s see how you can better position yourself and increase your employment chances.

  • Give attention to your resume

Ensure it captures all your experiences relevant to the task. Have you had any sales experience? Worked in a grocery store?  The idea is to use these skills and experience to get the employer’s attention and stand out among other applicants.

Spend enough time on your CV. You may get a friend or family member to help you check for mistakes and other relevant recommendations and suggestions. DO well to proofread, again, for grammar and spelling concerns when done.

Check again to make sure nothing is amiss. If everything looks good, go ahead and submit online.

  • After your submission, get ready for an interview.

If you’ve scaled through to the interview stage, bravo. But remember, you don’t want to ruin it at this critical stage. Here are some success optimizers to have handy:

You want to dress smart and fit. A polo shirt and khaki pants should do.

Begin the interview on a positive note – arrive, preferably, some minutes earlier than scheduled.

GO with confidence. This will come naturally if you have experience or a skill that makes you a nice fit for the position.

Give off positive energy. Be smart, but don’t go overboard at it. Just keep it natural as much as possible.

If you have to answer questions about your criminal records, do so honestly. Remember – your background check will find you out.

So, why try deceit in the first place? Instead of concealing your records, emphasize how much you have changed over the years and all your attempts at rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Remember, you are in a formal environment – not in a cell. So, leave out all the informal slangs and tats you learned in prison. Also, piercings, tattoos, and foul languages may significantly hinder you.

Does H-E-B run background checks?

All our finding says the affirmative – yes, they do a thorough one at that. So, just come out plain with the information of your record, if asked at any stage of the process. Again, they’ve hired felons before you, so no point being scared filling them in your past.

Felony convictions that may ruin your chances at H-E-B

While H-E-B hires felons, remember they also care about the safety of their customers, partners and suppliers. This safety resolution could make them exercise a bit of caution in deciding who they employ.

That said, the following felony cases may not stand a good chance at H-E-B

  • Sexually related offenses
  • Theft
  • Violent offenses
  • DUI related infractions

Does HEB Drug Test?

It depends – basically on location and the specific position you’re applying for.

While some workers across specific locations and positions said they had a drug test, others said they didn’t.

We advise that you are always prepared for a test – before, during, and even after landing your job.

Remember, it is a common practice among companies to conduct random drug tests in the event of suspicious work behavior of any worker. Read more on – Does HEB Drug Test Employers?

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