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Does Target Hire People with Criminal Records?

Does Target hire felons? Everything you should know if you are a felon that would like to work at Target.

Target corporation is one of the largest and most popular retailers within the US. Target is a household name and it has been existing since 1946. The headquarters of Target is located In Minneapolis. The corporation currently has more than 1800 stores within the United States. Also, it employs over 395,000 people to work in its stores and offices.

This family-friendly store is a popular choice for people shopping for food, clothes, body care, skin care products, electronics, and even furniture. To ensure customers are satisfied with the service they receive at Target, care is taken when hiring employees. If you have a criminal history or are a felon, you may be wondering, does Target hire felons? Here, we will answer the above-stated question.

Target has stated that they maintain diversity and inclusion when hiring new staff. Furthermore, they recognize that to engage talented and dedicated staff, individuals with a criminal record also need to be considered for employment.

To answer the question ‘does Target hire felons?’, we have examined Target’s hiring policies, their actions in the past regarding felons have also been assessed. By doing this, we have reached the conclusion that ‘Target hires felons’.

Does Target Hire Felons in [year]?

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1. Target does not ask about your criminal history during the preliminary stages of the job interview. In line with the Ban-the-box campaign, Target made the decision to remove the question about prior convictions from their job application form.

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The ban-the-box campaign is aimed at ensuring ex-convicts have a fair chance of being employed. To achieve this, inquiries about criminal history are removed from job application forms. Hence, hiring officers can assess a job applicant’s qualifications and skills without being swayed by their criminal history.

In 2014, Target banned the box and no longer asks for information on an applicant’s criminal history until the interview stage. In some states, they do not ask for information on the applicant’s criminal history until a conditional offer of employment has been made.

2. Target does not have programs for hiring ex-convicts. If you are interested in such programs, visit the unemployment office within your area of residence. Some businesses have programs that help ex-convicts find jobs and gain work experience.

3. In recent years, the Target corporation has hired individuals with felonies and misdemeanors. Felons who apply to fill positions in Target are reviewed individually.

4. Target runs background checks on all potential employees. While Target supports ban-the-box, it still conducts thorough background checks. If the background check shows a criminal history, the applicant will not be rejected because of their criminal background. Target has emphasized that it is an equal opportunity employer.

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Importantly, the Target corporation has also stated that running a background check is important for safety. Conducting background checks ensures that the store is a safe space for workers and customers. Background checks are not a tool for discriminating against felons.

Instead, this check is used by Target to make sure they do not employ individuals who could endanger the safety of their customers, staff, and company. The information acquired in the background check includes the age of the applicant, education, prior employment, and criminal records.

However, Target directs job applicants not to mention any convictions that were sealed, annulled, and pardoned due to conditions of settlement or probation.

In a few states, the background check carried out only goes back to the last 7 years. Therefore, if you were convicted of a felony in the last few years, it will appear on the background check results.

5. Some felonies will reduce your chances of being employed to work at Target. As stated above, Target does not discriminate against felons. However, the severity of the crime can lead to the job applicant being seen as a risky hire or as potentially dangerous to the customers, staff, or store.

For example, convicted sex offenders may not be hired to work at Target because it is a family-friendly store. To ensure the store is safe for children and adults, sex offenders may not be considered for employment.  Felons that were convicted for theft and fraud, may not be employed to protect customers and even the store.

Similarly, if an applicant has been charged with assault, Target may not hire them in order to prevent a situation where they assault a customer or staff. To some extent, Target is also protecting itself from being sued due to someone being hurt by an employee.

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In a few cases, if the conviction took place more than 10 years ago, the job applicant may be hired. Furthermore, if the applicant can prove he/she has changed, they may be considered for employment.

6. Before you are officially employed by Target, you will need to take a drug test. Usually, a urine sample is used to carry out this test.
After you have been employed, you will not be required to take random drug tests. But if you filled a managerial position, you may have to participate in mandatory drug screenings.

Target is a growing corporation and its need for well-qualified staff is growing as well. There are a plethora of positions you can apply to fill in Target. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for entry-level jobs like a stocker, department assistant, sales floor staff, warehouse staff, and food service staff. If you have the necessary education and experience, you can also apply to fill an available managerial position.

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Tips that can help you get hired by Target as an Ex-Felons.

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If you have a felony conviction or criminal history that includes arrests and misdemeanors, it may be harder for you to get hired by Target. We recommend that you follow the tips listed below to increase your chances of being hired by Target.

1. Use your resume and cover letter to highlight your skills and educational qualifications. On your resume, list skills that you know can be applied at Target.  Also, your resume should be well written and properly formatted.

2.  Be prepared for the interview. Interviews are an opportunity for you to make a good first impression. Dress properly and attend the interview with all your documents. While you may have uploaded all the necessary documents online, it is beneficial to bring copies to the interview. During the interview, try to be friendly without being unserious.
Search the internet and employment forums for ‘possible interview questions at Target’.
Decide how to answer these questions and practice answering them.

3. Be prepared to defend yourself and explain why you should be given a second chance. Felons will be allowed to talk about their criminal history. During this time, try to stay poised. Calmly discuss your mistakes and journey to self-improvement. Also, you should explain the circumstances that surrounded the felony and how you have been changed by the incident.

4. Present yourself as a person of value. You may be a felon but that is not supposed to define you for the rest of your life. Even though you have written down your skills on your resume, you should also be able to explain your value or relevance to Target during the interview.

5. Ensure that you have some experience before applying for the job. If you do not have any experience, volunteer or take a skill acquisition course online. By doing this, you will have more appeal as a potential employee.

Significantly, after doing everything right, your application may still be rejected. If this is the case, try again in a few months or apply to fill a holiday position at a later date.

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In conclusion, Target hires felons with less severe charges.

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  1. My ex wife had worked in the Target Warehouse for a year, but it was for a company which was subcontracted by Target. The way it worked was you could only work for a year then you could apply for Target. She was a great employee and management said so. When she applied to Target she was honest and told them up front she had a previous drug felony. They emailed her saying she didn’t get the job, but had 6 days to apeal. She had already been working there for a year and she wrote a very good reply, but was told it didn’t matter because she had a felony! They lost a damn good employee. She lost her appartment and was living in her car. Target are lieing scumbags and I’ll never shop there again. Case by case my ass! I wish she could sue them. Does anyone know if thats possible?

  2. Hire a good labor attorney or atleast have a Social Worker in the local area advocate for anyone in need of finding solutions to unemployment and housing. Take care. God Bless.

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