Does Kohls Drug Test in [year] – A Complete Guide

Does Kohls Drug Test applicants before hiring? Within this guide, readers will learn more about Kohl’s and the company’s drug-testing policy.

Kohl’s is an American retailer that primarily sells clothes. The company operates stores across the country. Therefore, you might live near a Kohl’s store. If you do, you should think about getting a job with the company. It regularly hires new workers, so the company is always in need. Kohl is a good employer for many consumers, but not everyone.

If you like working with people and fashion, it is a good idea to get a job at your nearby Kohl’s. When doing so, you can help people find shoes, clothes, and other items. Just remember that you’ll have to complete several steps before you can become a Kohl’s employee.

Depending on the circumstances, one of those steps could be completing a drug test.

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s Corporation

Before applying, learn as much as you can about Kohl’s Corporation. The American company runs a chain of department stores. It is the largest department store chain in the United States. The public company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 12, 1962.

Today, the company is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It has stores in every state except for Hawaii. The company was founded by a Polish immigrant by the name of Maxwell Kohl many years ago. At the time, he opened a corner grocery store.

It quickly became successful in Milwaukee and surrounding cities. Since then, it has transformed into a clothing retailer with more than 1,150 stores in the United States. Since there are so many Kohl’s stores in the United States, it needs a lot of workers.

It has more than 110,000 workers. If you’re looking for a good job, you could be the company’s next employee. Just remember that you need to complete and submit the application.

Then, you may have to pass a drug test.

Kohls Drug Test Policy

You’re likely wondering whether the company is going to drug test you. Does Kohl’s drug test its workers? As of 2021, it has been confirmed that many Kohl’s stores are indeed going to conduct pre-employment drug tests.

In some situations, the company is going to drug test current employees. If it is believed that the worker might be abusing drugs, they could be drug tested.

It is pertinent to learn more about Kohl’s and the drug tests used. Then, you’ll be ready for everything that comes your way.

More About Kohls Drug Testing

You’ve learned that Kohl’s is going to drug test its workers. Besides testing new workers, it may test existing workers as well. It does so often when it believes someone might have been using drugs on the job. It happens and the company wants to be positive.

In addition to this, the company regularly uses mouth swab tests and urine drug tests. Therefore, you should learn more about these types of drug tests so you can be ready for everything that comes your way.

Kohl’s Pre-Employment Drug Test

Does Kohls Drug Test

Once you’ve decided to get a job at Kohl’s, you’re going to apply. Complete and submit the application. Then, the HR person will examine the applications and call potential job candidates. Once they’ve done this, they’re going to call the best candidates.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a call from the company’s representative. Depending on the circumstances, you might get to go in for an interview.

You’re one step closer to getting the job. If everything goes okay, you’ll get a job offer. If you decide to accept the job, you’ll likely be asked to take a drug test.

The representative will give you a piece of paper and instructions. You’ll need to go to a nearby clinic so you can take the drug test. Give the document to the person behind the counter and they’ll administer the test.

In general, the Kohl’s drug test will require you to urinate in a cup. Close the lid and give the sample to the clinic’s representative.

Before long, your sample will be sent to a lab for testing. Kohl’s representative will receive your test results shortly. Then, you’ll get the job if you passed the test.

When Will Kohl’s Drug Test?

Remember that Kohls is going to drug test existing employees as well. However, it only does so in specific circumstances.

For instance, the company is going to drug test its employees when it suspects one of them might be abusing drugs. If you look like you’re high at work, there is a good chance that you’re going to be drug tested.

Your manager will pull you aside and take a mouth swab sample. The results can be returned within minutes. Suffice to say, there are always risks involved with using drugs while working at Kohls.

The company will also test workers who’ve been hurt on the job. If you’ve been injured on the job, the company might be responsible for your medical bills. However, this isn’t the case if you test positive for drugs. Either way, you should expect a drug test if you get hurt on the job.

Will Kohl’s Keep People Who Fail Drug Tests?

There is always a risk that you’re going to fail a drug test. If you’ve been abusing drugs, you’ll be more likely to fail a test. You have to avoid such problems by remaining drug-free.

Another thing to note is that the company has the right to fire anyone who fails a drug test. The company might or might not. It depends on the circumstances.

There is no policy about Kohl’s hiring people who’ve failed drug tests. Plus, it doesn’t have to fire someone who failed a drug test. Still, there is a high risk that you will be fired. Suffice to say, you don’t want this to happen.

The policy may vary from one store to another. In some cases, the company will evaluate your performance and attendance history to determine whether you should keep or get the job.

At other stores, you might be eliminated immediately. Be careful and remain drug-free. Doing so is the best way to avoid these issues.


Kohl’s conducts drug tests on new workers and existing workers. If you’re going to get a job with this company, you’ll have to pass a drug test. You should be free of drugs before applying for a position.

Otherwise, you could be asked to take a drug test too early. Try to stay clean for a week or longer before taking the company’s drug test.

Doing so is the best way to ensure that you’re going to pass the test. Once you’ve received the job, be aware that you could be drug tested in certain situations.

FAQs on Does Kohl Drug Test [year]

Kohl’s Pre-Employment Drug Test

Does Kohls Drug Test At Orientation?

Rest assured knowing you’re not going to be drug tested at orientation. Instead, the company tends to drug test workers after the initial interview.

Does Kohls Drug Test Stockers?

Although it depends on the store, Kohls tends to drug test all workers. All positions are likely going to be drug tested.

Do You Get Drug Tested When You Get Hired?

Kohl’s is likely going to drug test you when you get hired. After the interview, you might get a job offer. If so and you accept, you’ll be asked to take a drug test. Pass the test and the job is likely yours.

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