Does International Paper Hire Felons

Does International Paper Hire Felons?

Our research says yes – International Paper hire felons. Over time, records show they have had felons on their employee list.

It is worthy of mention that companies factor in a range of considerations – besides background checks – during their recruitment process.

Personal experience, skill set, nature of one’s conviction, the number of convictions, when you got freed from incarceration, and conscious efforts at improving your life after sentence completion.

During the application process, do well to emphasize your rehabilitation and integration progress. Talk more about the experience you gained during and after your incarceration. Detail your skillset and how they can add value to International Paper.

What Does International Paper Do?

International Paper (IP for short) considers business as a universal paper chase. They boast of being a leading producer of printing papers.

Their products range from uncoated papers for printers, pulps for producing tissues and towels, heavyweight art paper.

Across the United States, International Paper is considered a top containerboard producer. 70 percent of the containerboards are used in the production of heavy-duty corrugated boxes.

They run a packaging division that produces board for both food and cosmetic boxes.

Their distribution division – Xpedx – markets products and offer several services to many markets across North America.

International Paper has recycling facilities majorly in the United States and a Russian-based paper and pulp business through a partnership with llim Holding.

You don’t seem to find the job you seek?

Some employers – like International Paper – may not list their openings on job sites. You may have to visit their company career page for likely opportunities.

Working With a Felony At International Paper

Does International Paper Hire Felons

If you’re lucky to grab a job at International Paper with criminal records, try to be cool. If they overlook your conviction during the first interview, you may be penalized for your next interview if your character is thought questionable.

Does International Paper run background checks?

Background checks are a key part of International Paper’s requirement policy. However, the severity of the checks varies across jurisdictions. While felony records may be silent in some states, others allow expungement, depending on the records.

International Paper Interview

The interview usually begins with an introduction, followed by some random basic questions.

Then, you may be required to discuss job responsibilities as well as qualification for the said position. Such compatibility check includes job experience, likely challenges, and your value to the company.

Lastly, you may be required to state your remuneration expectations.

If deemed fit for the position, you may discuss a possible resumption date.

That said, get ready for future interviews, even after landing the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

getting a job at international paper

Is it difficult getting a job with a felony?

Yes, getting a job with a felony can be a frustrating sojourn – but not impossible.

At every point, there are approximately 7 million job vacancies across the United States. Such unfilled positions are a loss to the companies.

Many of these employee-hungry firms care less about one’s past. Instead, their recruitment process emphasizes skillset, employment history, behavior after incarceration, and other concerns that could, to a large extent, predict one’s performance if employed.

Many felons have proved competent in their various fields over the years. A lot have them genuinely moved to pass the past mistakes that landed them in prison. They are willing, ready, and eager to handle such offices after rehabilitation.

So, although felony records come with many opportunity hurdles, the barriers are scalable.

Are there particular felonies that make employment more difficult?

Yes. Felonies differ in severity. Many employees may be felony-friendly, but with exception to violence-, sexual-, and theft-related offenses. However, regardless of your crime, all felons are employable.

Does the Government Employ Felons?

Of course, some felons are currently on the government’s payroll. However, to be considered, the government examines individual cases critically, factoring:

  • Your felony
  • The position you seek
  • How long since sentence completion
  • Your rehabilitation and reintegration progress/success

That said, no use applying for a government job if your felony includes deliberate public record destruction, inciting rebellion, sponsoring the anti-government campaigns, and treason.

What shows up on my background check?

Typically, the following shows up on a background check report:

  • Criminal records
  • Driving records
  • Credit records – bankruptcies and debts
  • Education
  • Military records medical records
  • Character references
  • Social media profiles
  • Personal references
  • Employment history
  • Sex offender lists
  • Drug test records
  • Court records
  • Medical records
  • Prison sentence records
  • State licenses –both revoked licenses

However, you can run a DIY background check. If you wish to see what will show up on your report, Direct screening and Checkr are helpful resources.

How long does a criminal record stay on my background report?

Ideally, felony arrests (without convictions) will show up on your records for up to seven years.

Convictions remain on your record for life. Employers reserve the right to choose a period they want the check to cover.

So, while some employers may look five years into your criminal record, others may go ten years back. Some state laws, however, restrict employers to a 7-year maximum period.

Thankfully, across the states, felons have the right to clear off certain offenses – if they meet specified requirements. This legal process is referred to as expungement.

Are background checks held before interviews?

It depends on the company. But you’d be safer to prepare for a background check before an interview invitation.

The ban-the-box laws across states may determine a company’s approach towards background checks.

While some states promote the ban-the-box campaign, others are yet to.

Creating Your International Paper Resume

We recommend that you add up qualitative data to your resume. Regardless of the position, ensure your skillsets are up to par. Don’t stuff up the pages – 400 words per page is just fine.

Make your resume mistake-free. Avoid calculation, spelling, and other avoidable errors. Do well to double-check your resume before submission – a friend or loved one’s preview may be helpful.

Also, do well to drop your contact information where it can be found easily. Use action words throughout the resume. Verbs such as developed, created, distinguished, increased, innovated, helps boost your resume’s impact.

Wrap Up

Your past mistakes shouldn’t ruin your life. You can get back on your feet and turn on a new leaf.

Many companies hire felons – International Papers inclusive.

Although a felony is generally a big thing on your record, the guide above will increase your chances of landing a job.

That said, International Paper is largely considered felon-friendly. Do well to check out their career page for available opportunities.

Good luck!

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