Does Target Run a background checks?

Target is a well-known retailer in the United States. Established in 1902, Target Corporation was initially known as Goodfellow Dry Goods. The name of the company was later changed to Dayton’s Dry Goods Company and this was consequently changed to Dayton company.  Now, Target Incorporated has more than 1851 stores and currently employs almost 400,000 people.

If you would like to work in retail, Target is a good store to submit your application. However, the hiring process includes a background check. This check includes information on the criminal history, driving history, educational and work history of the applicant.

does target do background checks

In this article, we will explain everything you should know about the Target background check. Afterward, we will provide you with a list of the information that is usually available on Target background checks.

Everything you should know about the Target background check

1. Target conducts a Nationwide background check

When Target runs a background check, the information collected will be from all around the Nation. The information on the background check will feature everything you did in other states. For example, if you worked in a store in another state or were convicted of a crime in another region, it will appear on the record.

2. The background check is free for the applicant

The background check is paid for by Target. Contrary to some views, the cost of the background check is not deducted from your first paycheck.

3. The background check goes back 4-10 years

The standard for a background check is 7 years. This is a standard according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Source 1). However, applicants at Target have stated that the depth of the background check differs according to the state or store branch you want to work in. Some workers have stated that their background check was for the last 4 years while others have said that the background check was for the last 10 years.

4. Target uses a third party to conduct background checks

Target does not conduct background checks themselves. Instead, the company uses a third party to perform these checks. The third-party company is ‘The first Advantage’.

Therefore, if there is an error on your background check, you will need to contact the company. When you contact the company, you can provide them with proof of the error and request that they correct the error.

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5. Target supports the ban-the-box movement

Target is a retailer that supports the ban-the-box movement (Source 2). The ban-the-box initiative states that employers should not be allowed to ask about an applicant’s criminal history before making a conditional offer of employment. Target removed the question on criminal record from their application form in 2013.

Target does not require that applicants disclose their criminal history on the job application form. However, this does not stop Target from running a background check on an applicant’s criminal history. The discovery of a criminal record on the background check does not automatically mean that the applicant’s job application will be rejected.

6. You may be given the opportunity to defend the information on the background check.

If your background information shows that you have a criminal record or old misdemeanor, you may be asked about it during the interview. When you are given a chance to explain, do so coherently. Explain why you are a changed person and if you have any proof, provide it.
A certificate of rehabilitation and a statement from your previous boss or colleague could help you to prove your point.

7. The report of the background check is available after a few days.

Significantly, the time it takes to get a response depends on how busy the third-party company is. Sometimes if the information is not readily available in the public domain, it could take even longer to get the background check. If after 2 weeks you have not received the result, contact ‘’First Advantage’ (Source 3).

8. If the result of the background check causes the hiring officer to reject your application, you will be informed. However, if you are not informed, you can contact the office and ask what red flag was on your background check.

Due to the fact that Target (Source 4) is not the party conducting the check, they are not liable for any wrong information on the document. Furthermore, if there is an error that causes Target to reject your application, you may be unable to sue for negligence.

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What information is on the background check?

target background check

 Proof of Identity: The first Advantage will conduct the background check using your social security number. This will help Target ascertain that you are who you claim to be.

Criminal records: While Target frowns upon discriminating against individuals with a criminal record, its background checks include an applicant’s criminal history. This ensures that the individual employed by this retailer is not a danger to customers, staff, and the company. Also, the criminal history will help the company assess the nature of the applicant and decide if he/she will be a good addition to the staff.

Convictions for crimes such as Assault, sex crimes, theft, and credit card fraud may cause your application to be denied. If you have been convicted for other crimes, you may be allowed to defend yourself.

Educational history: If you are applying to fill a specialized or managerial position, your educational qualifications are important. Hence, Target will check if you are as qualified as you stated in your application.

Work history: The background check will provide a list of places that you have worked in and the position you filled. If you worked for a private party or company, this information may not be on the background check.

Financial history: We are unsure if First Advantage includes your credit history in the background check. Some Target employees state that this information is on the background check while other employees state that it is not available on the background check. Target may use your credit history to ascertain how responsible you are.

Reference checks: Your background check may include a reference check but this is not always the case. If you have a criminal record, you will be given an opportunity to explain why you should get the job. While explaining, you can include references who can attest to your improved character. While running the background check, First Advantage or Target may check with your references to ensure that you are an ideal employee.

Driving history: If you are applying to work in the delivery department or as a driver, First Advantage will examine your driving history. Information such as how long you have been driving and if you have had any accidents will be used to assess you. Furthermore, the status of your driver’s license will be on your background check. This information will help Target determine if they should employ you to fill the position of the driver.

If you apply for a job at Target and your application is rejected, you should try applying at other retail stores. If you would still like to work at Target, wait 6-12 months before applying again.

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