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Does Verizon Do Background Check for Employment?

Does Verizon Background Check on Employment? We all know that Verizon is one of the leading providers of cellular services in the United States. During the past few years, the company has established itself as an innovator and leader. It provides excellent services and great employment opportunities.

Ordinary Americans, business people, and entrepreneurs should sign up for cellular service so they can check their email and text messages from anywhere in the world. Verizon offers the services you need at excellent prices. Those looking for a job should begin checking Verizon’s offerings.

Just remember that Verizon goes to great lengths to ensure that it hires the best workers in the industry. Therefore, you’re going to be drug screened and background checked. Within this guide, readers will learn more about the company’s background check process.

More About Verizon

verizon background check

Verizon is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States. It is currently headquartered in Midtown Manhattan and was founded in 1983. The company was previously known as Bell Atlantic Corporation. It changed its name in 2000.

The company’s stock is publicly traded and its current CO is Hans Vestberg. Although Verizon is best known for offering cellular service, it has many other services too. For instance, people can get cable, landline phone service, and Internet through Verizon.

It primarily serves the United States. Since the company is so big, it is constantly searching for new workers. Anyone needing a job should see what Verizon is offering.

Verizon Employee Benefits

It is a good idea to get a job with Verizon because the company offers excellent benefits. For instance, it supports workers with 401k plans. If you want to prepare for your retirement, Verizon will help you do that. The company also offers adoption assistance reimbursement and bonus pay.

Team members who excel may receive bonus pay. In addition to this, there is a rumor that Verizon workers receive 50% off wireless service plans. There are plenty of reasons to get a job with this company.

For instance, you can rest assured knowing that Verizon is always going to need workers. Smartphones are only getting more popular so Verizon is going to need more workers to improve and maintain its network.

Getting A Job With Verizon

Have you decided that you’d like to get a job with Verizon? Doing so will prove to be wise. The company offers excellent pay and benefits. However, you’ll need to jump through several obstacles before moving forward. For starters, you’ll need to submit an application.

You can apply using several methods. First and foremost, you can visit the company’s official website. When doing so, you should be able to submit an application. Alternatively, you can find Verizon jobs on websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

In most cases, you’ll be able to apply using these sites too. Students may be able to find Verizon jobs by attending career fairs. Either way, you’ll need to submit an application first. Once you’ve done that, you may receive an interview request.

After the interview, the HR representative may ask you to agree to a background check and drug screen. If you reach this point, you’re one step closer to getting the job. If everything goes well, you can become an employee of this company.

However, it is important to remember that your future will depend on passing the drug test and background check.

Why Will Verizon Background Check New Employees?

Will Verizon Background Check New Employees

When trying to get a job with this company, you’re going to be required to get a Verizon Wireless background check. If you refuse, you won’t get the job. However, you need to be optimistic. Even if you have a criminal record, you might get the job.

Most human resources people understand that people have done regrettable things. Therefore, having a criminal record won’t immediately knock you out of contention. Instead, the HR representative is going to consider your criminal history and determine whether you’re a good candidate.

Regardless, Verizon is looking for the best and most reliable workers. They don’t want to hire individuals who could create problems for the company or its workers. As a result, it is going to background check all new workers.

What Should You Expect?

The background check process is not difficult. However, you will need to be patient. It isn’t going to happen overnight. During the application process, you’ll be asked to consent to a background check.

Once you’ve consented and have submitted the application, Verizon will begin the process. Your information will be sent to a third party that will run a background check on you.

In general, it will take a few days to a week to get your background check. Once Verizon has it, they’re going to look at your criminal record and determine whether they should hire you.

Even if you have a criminal record, you may get the job. It depends on numerous factors, including your conviction, how long it has been, and the demand.

If the company decides to hire you, someone will contact you before you know it. Be patient. In some cases, the background check could take a week or longer. It depends on the current demand.

How To Improve Your Chances

When attempting to get a job with Verizon, it is wise to take steps to improve your chances. For instance, you need to be truthful when completing the application.

You’ll be asked certain information about your criminal history. If you lie and pretend you’ve never been arrested, you’ll get caught when the background check is completed.

It is better, to be honest than to lie. Being deceptive is a good way to ruin your chances. Remember that you’ll be given a chance to explain yourself during the interview.

You may be able to explain your conviction on the application too. Either way, you should be ready, to tell the truth. Another thing to do is to prepare for the upcoming interview. If you can nail the interview, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the position.

However, convictions for certain crimes will immediately eliminate the chance that you’ll get the job. For instance, the company usually does not hire violent or sex offenders.


Verizon offers many excellent employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or something more profitable, you should check with Verizon. The company regularly hires new workers around the country. Plus, it has excellent businesses and reasonable salaries.

However, you’ll need to go through the company’s hiring procedure. This means that you’re going to get your background checked and drug-screened. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let this hold you back.

FAQs on Verizon Wireless Background Check

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How Far Back Does Verizon Background Check Go?

Remember that Verizon’s wireless background checks are not indefinite. In other words, they’re not going to cover your entire life.

Instead, they will generally cover 7 years. However, it may depend on your area and the position’s salary. However, you can expect the background check to identify convictions from 7 years ago.

What Is Verizon Background Check Checking For?

Verizon wants to make sure it has hired the best workers in its area. Therefore, they’re going to conduct background checks to ensure that you’re a good candidate.

The company wants to make sure that you told the truth when completing your application. If they find any erroneous information, you likely won’t get the job.

Plus, they’re using the background check to ensure that you’re not a violent offender or sex offender. They use background checks to hire trustworthy, reliable individuals.

How Long Does A Verizon Background Check Take?

Once you’ve agreed to get a background check for Verizon, you need to be patient. The process will take a few days at the minimum. Verizon will not perform the background check.

Instead, it will send your information to a 3rd party screening company. In general, it’ll take a few business days. When the screening company busier, it may take a week or longer.

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