Can a Felon Become a Phlebotomist?

Can a Felon Become a Phlebotomist? Looking for a career after having committed a felony can be a daunting task but it’s a noble path to follow. Having the guts and the mindset to establish a career path after committing a crime is not as easy as falling off a log.

Finding success in proclaiming a job is a difficult task in itself, and with a felony, it makes it more stressful. On the bright side, surveys show that when people charged with crimes, are allowed to enlist, they performed better than their peers. Felons actually make pretty good employees as they have decided that they won’t waste their life anymore.

While looking for a job, they can consider a career in medical management. Examining a healthcare field known as phlebotomy.

Can a Felon Become a Phlebotomist in [year]?

Can a Felon Become a Phlebotomist?

Can you be a Phlebotomist with a Felony? For us to answer with a simple “yes” or “no” would be unfair, as this like everything else depends on a few factors. Now, these factors could be legally selected or they could hold importance to the employer.

  • The severity of the charge.
  • Classes of offenses.
  • When did the sentence end?
  • Do you still have any fines related to the charge?
  • Have you encountered any legal trouble afterward?

The factors may or may not be significant for everyone. However, violent crimes have a higher chance of being the cause of getting rejected, as compared to something that was a non-violent misdemeanor.

Licensing boards typically perform background checks before hiring someone for obvious reasons and one of the occupations is phlebotomy where practitioners perform basic laboratory testing and draw a patient’s blood. However, once you have become a phlebotomist, a criminal record might not get in your way of receiving a certification later on.

Phlebotomy is a thing?

Yes, a phlebotomist is a licensed professional that is trained to draw a patients’ blood for a range of different reasons including transfusions, donations, research, and clinical or medical testing. Amongst the various duties of a phlebotomist, he or she must properly identify the patient, carefully carrying out the requested test, and accurately explaining the procedure to the patients – in order to prepare them mentally and physically. The blood must be drawn with proper additives into the correct tubes.

Before proceeding to puncture the skin of countless other individuals, one must be proficient in such practice. Hospitals and test laboratories are usually where a phlebotomist works and in order for them to be efficient, they must be gentle with the patients.

Good hand-eye coordination is necessary when it comes to drawing blood and the stamina to stand for long periods of time. Skills to handle the equipment should be profound and the ability to work under pressure is a must. Other than these a phlebotomist should:

  • Empathize with the patients
  • Give attention to detail
  • Understand that communication is key
  • Have good motor skills
  • Be able to input data and use computers

If you already have the majority of these basic skills, a career in phlebotomy could be great for someone who is good with blood and needles. It is a job that always requires employees and with these good skills printed on your resume, things would be easy.

Education Requirements

Phlebotomy as a Felon


A college degree is not necessarily required as many phlebotomists obtain something that you call an associate’s degree. For aspiring phlebotomists, a bachelor’s degree in medical technology is also an option. For the most part, they receive a combination of classroom training and “the job” experience where the practices focus on vascular physiology and anatomy, skin and venipuncture techniques with proper handling of blood specimens.

A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in a training program and due to the frequent exposure to HIV and Hepatitis from dealing with blood, an applicant must have proof of current health insurance and must have passed a health exam. Programs are offered at different venues and each program usually lasts less than one year.


The requirement of a certificate varies from region to region. Their guidelines vary as well. Although certified phlebotomists are usually required to renew their certification after a period of time. Moreover, the continuity of your education can also be a requirement for maintaining the certification. For certification, candidates typically need about 40 hours of classroom education including some experience involving clinics, which totally comprises up to 100 hours.

Can you be a phlebotomist with a felony

Any degree can be achieved if you actually put your heart to get it. More than half of the colleges will consider criminal history in their admissions process. However, no standard policy regarding a background check has been revised.

A felon that wants to get a degree for being a phlebotomist will have tons of options to choose a college. A difficulty may be faced while looking for a school but there are programs that will accept a felon. It is important, to be honest when applying for either a phlebotomy school or to be a certified phlebotomist.

Any sort of misdemeanor crime that is found during a background check is considered fraud and is punishable. It could also earn yourself a free ticket back to prison, as it is a crime to falsify an application. You have to be honest regarding where you came from. Don’t beat around the bush, your honesty will be appreciated in many ways.

Although if your record gets expunged, you are permitted to state on an application that he or she has not been convicted of a crime.

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The truth is, there are a lot of phlebotomists with felony convictions. You are not defined by your mistakes, you are evaluated by how you get back on track. You can follow a noble path, you can live an honest life no matter what you did in the past.

You can’t change what happened, get on with it and get better! It is a big challenge but it is worth it in every way. If something about your scenario makes it impossible to work as a phlebotomist there are tons of other entry-level options that are still open.

All of it boils down to the specifics of your record and the employers you’re interacting with.

6 thoughts on “Can a Felon Become a Phlebotomist?”

  1. I recently 8 months ago accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. It has been an amazing journey. Now I just want people to know how God can and will restore the good in your life and fulfill your dreams and heart’s desires. Since a little girl I wanted to work in the medical field. So I’ve repented, been delivered, and now I’m focusing on better my life and obtaining a career in the medical field. I start school the first Saturday in September. I have a felony that is from 2014/2015. But my God is bigger than anything I could every image. And my past is under the blood of Jesus. So my past doesn’t define my future. So I’m excited to become a God fearing, educated, loving, kind, stable, sober minded phelobemtist in the state of Florida. To God be the glory for changing my life into a woman of God above all things. Because He is where I get my strength to overcome my struggle. Amen and may you notice the blessings in your day.

    • Hi Kayla this is such a releif seeing this response. It’s inspiring because I’am a new phlebotomist and i was offered a position and i dIdnt want to tell them i had a felony but i dont want to mess it up if i lie. what should i do?

  2. Hey girls, I also want to be a phlebotomist! I am a felon as well. My charge was in 2010 I think. I was going through a rough time anyway to make a long story short, I was only supposed to charge w felony in 2010 and self jail time 5 years probate. First time in trouble. ( Something very stupid but nonviolent) also had to check-in and take a pee test.

    Well during that time I failed the drug test yadada….anyway judge ended up taking that 5 years probate from me along with a good time. Sending me to a in house rehab which in my opinion was a joke finished all but like idk maybe 4 or 5 weeks then after that I had to complete drug court. Everyone told me (including a lawyer) oh you will never be able to do that! Bla bla bla…guess what lol I graduated drug court with 1 sanction and that was in very early weeks. I loved it guys living life on lifes terms I learned more than I ever would at that in Hopkinsville, Kentucky it was a joke…..but loved drug court.

    Finished in 2014 then after that 5 years of probation. Did fine. No problems at all!!!! So I’ve been done now like since 2019. Still doing great! But I’ve been married for 4 years with the guy for 8 years total. We have 2 kids who bought a home own 2 cars. But something is still missing inside me. I know exactly what it is. My career but I’m 44. I do have college nothing big and more in business field. I actually want to work in rehab. Honestly my all my aunts are nurses. I’ve always just done accounting/business. But hard to explain guys for like almost a year now phlebotomist keeps coming to head.

    I know some places can grand father you in and stuff but I know and I’m sure anyone reading this is like lol yea right! I’m not getting hired anywhere. Period. Its sad to BC i promise I’d be more or just as much as the quote unquote girl applying next me. My age for one more mature been there done that seriously completeky 100 percent dedacation from me I bet mikluon dollars if somebody gave me oppurtunity I’d never ever call in. Pick up shifts. Idk something I cant explain but I feel universerve is drawing me toward that degree.

    I have no clue where to start who to call. Abyway girls to abswer question something I learned throughout my soberity and getting close to my higher power lord savor Jesus Christ… Please don’t lie tell the truth I bet I just bet God has a plan for you both. But lying will only hurt u and others abd rem what is done in dark always always comes to light. In my experience that is certaintly true ladies!!! Thanks for your time, Shannon M 270 8694430

  3. Hey y’all my name is Angela and please nobody take this wrong but you don’t have to be heavily into God to get sober, be sober and stay sober or continue to maintain a sober lifestyle. I believe in a higher power and I believe that if the mind set forth to do something the body can and will follow and success will follow….what’s good that is put out will be returned with nothing but good, thus put out negativity and negativity will be returned sometimes even more evil then the last. So with that being said I myself am an addict and got sober some 4 yes ago and it’s the best thing I ever did and the worst thing. Getting sober and on MAT I lost my babies bc if MAT so now I’m a sober mother with no children. I don’t know why I get up every day and don’t say bc Gid wakes me up. God don’t get you sober to take your kids away bc your on a Medication to help keep you sober. Really if that’s your idea of God he’s a worthless God…a cruel God who don’t deserve to be mentioned. And obviously I struggle with that word and meaning and so if your offended get over if bc I have a voice and an opinion and choice and decision called my own. So that’s why I say higher power bc something bigger then me woke me up inside and said enough was enough and here I am today. But again the system took my kids bc I made the right decisions and put my foot down on them. So now I don’t know why I wake up every day bc I have nobody to care for anymore. But yet phlebotomy keeps calling my name or when someone is hurt I’m so quick to be the first one on the scene. My fiance says I should be a nurse bc of how Medically knowledgeable I am. I learn quick, I’m hands on person, not much scares me, and I have a strong stomach I found out at an early age watching my grandpa checking the pregnant cows when I was a kid. So unfortunately I myself have 4 possibly 5 felonies only theft and forgery and the possibility was someone lying and literally gave the my name and made up an entire lie, gave the police temp tags that she stole from working at a car lot and said I stole them bc I date her ex and we had a son together, she also called DHS and helped get our kids taken to. We were literally played had our house raided but nothing was found in our house at all. The police took my scrap book card stock and scrap book materials and said I used the card stock to print them and I dont even own a printer. We were never arrested and it took the cops 6 more months to get a warrant for me for forgery all from hearsay not a single shred of evidence. DHS took my babies after the house got raided bc his ex threatened to shoot the house up next bc the cops didn’t arrest either one of us for the forgery on the day they raided our house. So her threats were the last straw making us look like the bad parents. My first time in trouble I was 17 they wait till 18 to charge me w forgery and theft bc I wrote a bad check of my own and it bounced on accident and I was out of town and didn’t know it. The second time was when I was older and since then 2013 when my oldest daughter passed away I’ve been the best self I can be. So change can happen and I know it can bc it’s happened and is still happening to me every day and as I said I am gravitating towards phlebotomy more and more. Sorry I sounded so harsh but so is this world and it needs to be told the truth I mean so again if I offered you I’m not sorry deal with it bc I’m sure you have some just as offensive if not worse to say back so with that being said I hope all have a great evening and congratulations to the ones of you that are sober keep up the struggle it’s real it’s you and it’s right.

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