Can a convicted felon travel to Italy?

Can a convicted felon travel to Italy?

Can you go to Italy with a criminal record? Well, a lot of felons desire to get back to normal life after getting released from prison. They wish to perform and experience everything that is viable for a free man to lead a normal life. From finding a job to spending quality time with family, felons want to do everything that will take them back to their clean life before imprisonment. And, yes, like any healthy and sane individual, felons wish to travel and explore the world. Italy is one of the most coveted destinations for felons in the USA. So, the question comes are felons allowed to travel abroad?

Well, the post below explains whether or not a felon can visit Italy.

Travel restrictions for felons

Can a convicted felon travel to Italy?

In a nutshell, felons are allowed to travel to Italy after getting released from prison. But it will only be possible if the felon complies with all the necessary requirements and restrictions which come along due to his conviction status.

First, felons have to complete all terms of sentence upon release. It involves the probation period and all other associated formalities. These include reporting to probation officer either through monthly checking or in-person attendance. A felon will only receive the permission to travel abroad when he completes the entire probation period.

When a felon is under probation, he is not supposed to leave his residing district without any prior permission from probation officer. After he completes the probation period, he will be granted the right to travel overseas.

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Now, when it comes to visiting Italy for an American, a passport is always mandatory. The passport is the proof that the government has allowed you to go for international travel. A lot of people are in a dilemma whether or not felons can avail passports. Well, this is to note here, felons are legally eligible to get passport after they complete their probation period.

However, pending legal charges may pose issues while obtaining passport for a felon. It’s because if you leave your country with pending charges, it will be considered as unlawful steps to bypass prosecution. And that’s a terrible federal crime.

Why Italy?

Italy is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world. No wonder, felons would have this desire to visit the beautiful and historic country at least once in a lifetime. In fact, Italy is a dream destination for many and people save for years to land in Rome.

One among the most popular among the top 10 most visited nations in the whole world, Italy draws in 30 million travelers every year. Seeped in rich heritage and culture, the country is famous for its iconic architectural wonders which have kept us in awe since ages. Some of the world’s best paintings and legendary sculptures of the world are in Rome  and Florence. The lovely Venice is another prominent city in the country which is especially famous for its unforgettable gondola rides.

Then, of course, Italy is the land of pizzas, gelatos and finest of wines. The country is the perfect place for food connoisseurs as well. On top of that, Italy mesmerizes with its pleasant weather and warm hospitality. Italians are some of the friendliest people on earth.

Besides, many of the felons residing in America today have their ancestral origin in the Roman land.

Put simply, Italy is a must-visit destination for many felons in the US.

Visiting Italy

After we have discussed the requirements to be observed by a felon to travel abroad, it’s time to discuss how to visit Italy.

Well, the popular most means of traveling to Italy is through cruise. Now, you should know, you can choose any one from two kinds of cruises. One is called close loop and the other one is dubbed as open loop.

With the closed loop cruise, the journey will start & conclude in same American port only. On the other hand, open loop cruises have different departure & final port locations. If you are okay with concluding your trip in a different city, you may opt for open loop cruise. However, it’s to note here, the closed loop option comes with fewer restriction compared to the open counterpart.

You must carry the necessary documents for a seamless entry into the cruise that will take you to Italy. Added to the cruise ticket, you will have to carry your government approved photo ID and your birth certificate.

If you go for the open loop option, don’t forget to bring your passport. However, it’s always advised to carry passport when you are traveling abroad, even when you are in closed loop cruise.

Apart from being an identification proof, the passport will help you to catch an overseas flight in times of emergency. For example, you may need to take a flight in case you miss out on embarking on the cruise at the given time. This way, the flight can take you to a nearby port so that you can board the ship from there. Besides, say you arrive in Florence only to find something critical has happened at home. In such situations, you will have to take a quick flight to reach the US as early as possible. And passport verification is must when you have to board an international flight.

Requirements to follow while visiting Italy

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The Roman country has imposed certain requirements for US citizens, irrespective of their conviction status.

First of all, it is required by the Italian law that any traveler from America willing to visit Italy must carry a passport which will be valid for minimum 6 months. Visa is not required for those American citizens who wish to stay in Italy for less than 3 months or 90 days. If you stretch your stay to over 90 days, you have to get a visa.

If you are a felon, it’s better to wrap up your tour before 90 days only. If you extend your stay, the government may ask to check your criminal record. You certainly don’t want that.

Besides, in the light of your felon status, it’s advised to be extra careful while traveling in Italy. Do not do anything that may spark controversies or get you entangled into legal difficulties. You certainly don’t wish to rot in a jail in Rome and go back to your dark past. So, behave properly with caution and care when you have finally received the second chance to be a free man.

Family support is crucial

It becomes psychologically challenging for a felon to come back to normal life after being released from prison. He may have this long-awaited dream of visiting Rome one day but you may find him drowning to depression after coming back home. In such situations, it’s the family members who should motivate the felon to board the cruise to Italy. It will be even better if some of his close ones also choose to join him in the trip. This way, he will feel more secured and relaxed in the company of near ones.

Moreover, if family members are traveling with the felon, they will be able to keep check on his behavior and activities. They would be able to prevent him from any action in Italy that could land him up with legal charges.

So, be with him and help him to make the most of his second chance.

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