Does UPS Background Check

Does UPS Run Background Checks?

Do UPS background check new employees? Being one of the biggest postal providers in the world, is it any surprise that anyone seeking employment in the field would go elsewhere?

Not only this but there is a multitude of opportunities within the company. You can start as something as small as a truck loader and work your way up to senior management. It’s happened! What’s even more impressive is, the company’s union.

With excellent insurance and stellar benefits, you’ll be set for life once you get hired on with a company like UPS. Of course, getting hired on is the hard part, especially if you have a questionable background.

This is why it is imperative to understand everything you possibly can able the company itself and their background procedures before applying. This will not only help you, but it’ll just make you an all-around more informed individual.

Does UPS Do Background Checks in [year]?

Does UPS Background Check

Yes, you can guarantee that a company as reputable as UPS is going to perform a background check on its employees. And, a lot of this has to do with protecting their reputation and other employees.

They don’t want to bring someone on that is going to only cause problems. UPS conducts background verification checks to analyze criminal history as well as drug screens.

They conduct extensive background verification to understand your driving history. They’ll also be conducting background verification to check out your personal and work-related history. They’ll check to see if you are a reported drinker or drug user.

They’ll see if you have any related driving convictions. If you have stolen from a previous employer, they’re going to screen for this. They simply want to eliminate any employee that poses a potential risk to other employees.

Not only this, but it takes a lot of money and resources to train someone for a job at UPS. This company only wants to bring on individuals that will succeed and help the company grow.

The UPS Hiring Process

UPS Hiring Process

Being the wide and diverse employer that they are, UPS utilizes a complex hiring system as a way of locating the best of best for their positions. As a constantly developing and evolving company, they are always on the search for creative minds and diligent and dedicated workers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how you’ll begin a career at UPS. You’ll first have to fill out an application, you’ll then likely speak to someone over the phone, there will then be a pre-employment testing process, and you’ll have to go through the final interview before being officially brought into the company.

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The UPS Application

UPS vets all its potential candidates holistically. This means that are looking at much more than just your grades, job history, and qualifications.

There is much more to an employee than these things, and this is why UPS considers additional factors like past projects, experiences, and any other accomplishments that you might have succeeded in throughout your life.

UPS wants someone with a strong yet unique resume, and these are just amongst some of the things that can make you stand out as a candidate when applying for the company.

All in all, the application process is pretty basic, as you’ll be asked for your standard information. Just make sure you have all your previous information on hand to make the process smoother.

This is something that can be accomplished online, so you can have all the information complied right in front of you while going through the motions.

UPS Background Check Disqualifiers

The UPS or United Parcel Services is an international shipping company, perhaps the biggest, that recruits many employees worldwide. They also perform extensive analysis and background checks to make sure their employees are up to snuff.

Unfortunately, this means several things could knock you out of running for a position with the company. Some of these disqualifying factors might depend on the position you are applying for, but you can guarantee that your background check is going to have a significant impact on the UPS hiring process. It could be the determining factor between whether or not you get hired.

Here are some of the potentials that could knock you out of a job at UPS. If you are applying for a driving position and have a poor driving record, you can just about guarantee you’ll be knocked out of the running.

If you have a lot of speeding or parking violations, you can almost guarantee you’re going to get passed by. Now, these violations might not apply to package handlers, but they’ll certainly apply for driving positions.

It doesn’t matter what position you are applying for, if you have theft, drug, or alcohol use on your record, you can guarantee you’ll be knocked out of the running.

UPS is responsible for the successful transportation of thousands of packages around the world daily. The company must ensure that all their potential applicant be able to withhold the responsibilities and duties of their position.

This is one of the biggest reasons for a background, drug, and alcohol check. If you have theft, drug trafficking, and violent crimes on your record, you can just about rest assured that you won’t be qualifying for a position with this company. That being said, minor convictions and misdemeanors will likely be overlooked or excluded.

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FAQs on UPS Background Check

How Far Back Does UPS Do Background Checks

How Far Back Does UPS Do Background Checks?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can happen throughout a person’s lifetime. This is why you have to be extremely careful about the decisions you make throughout your life.

However, everyone does make mistakes and this is completely understandable. This is why a variety of things are always taken into consideration when looking into someone’s background.

Just because you’ve committed a crime before, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll run out and commit that same crime again, especially not if you learned anything valuable from the experience. That being said, when UPS does a UPS store background check they consider a whole slew of things.

For pre-employment checks, you can expect the company to typically go back 7 years. As far as your finances go, they’ll probably screen back to the past 10 years.

If you have a bankruptcy on your record from eight years ago, it could knock you out of running for a position with the company. Of course, this highly depends on the hiring manager and the position for which you are applying.

Credit checks usually go back about the same amount of time. Criminal checks go back 10 years, whereas driving record checks can go back anywhere from 3 to 10 years. During the UPS hiring process background check, the employer could scan your entire educational and work history for a lifetime.

Does UPS Do Background Checks For Package Handlers?

UPS offers a wide range of diverse employment opportunities for those seeking them. As was mentioned before, you could start at the bottom of the totem pole and work your way up to senior management with a company like UPS.

Getting in on the ground floor is just the start, but it is a place where many people got their start. That being said, when most people are hired on without special skills or previous work experience, they are hired on as package handlers.

The qualifications and checks for a position like this might vary from those of senior management.

However, you will still have to undergo a background check when applying for a package handler position. These checks will look at everything from your previous work and educational history to your drug and alcohol use. They’ll also check your credit and driving records. Now, this doesn’t mean that the same things will disqualify you for a position.

The company just wants to evaluate your chances of success with the company. Just because you have a questionable driving record, it doesn’t mean you won’t get hired on as a package handler.

What Would Cause You To Fail A Background Check?

You likely don’t need anyone telling you that UPS is a diverse employer. While they might just be a packing handling service provider, they offer many unique positions to the right individuals within their company.

As was already mentioned several times, you could start as low as a package handler and work your way up to senior management. However, before you do anything, you are going to have to get hired by the company.

Regardless of the position, you are applying for, you will have to pass a background check to get hired. While the company might screen for different things from position to position, you can rest assured they will always be looking into your past. The important thing here is understanding what might disqualify you from a position.

Several varying things could qualify you for a position with UPS, but it ultimately depends on the type of position you are applying for and how serious your offense was. At UPS, you could be discounted from a position for having an excessive number of speeding and parking tickets.

You could be knocked out of the running for a position for having bankruptcy on your record. If you’ve committed a serious or violent crime, you might be knocked out of the running for a position.

If you were convicted of any crime that’s relevant to the position in which you are applying, you can just about guarantee you’ll be discounted from the position. There are some positions where you’ll be discounted just because you have a bad credit history.

Unfortunately, all of these things might seem unfair, but it is just the way life is sometimes. Your history is the only way employers have to determine what kind of employee you might be.

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