Does Home Instead Hire Felons?

Does Home Instead Hire Felons?

Home Instead is a seniors health care foundation. This foundation was created by Paul and Lori Hogan in 1994. The aim of the foundation is to provide care for seniors and improve the quality of life available to these older individuals. Since its formation, Home Instead has grown and even partnered with other facilities and companies such as the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), GrandPad, and Southwest Properties to improve the quality of the services they provide.

Home Instead now has a franchise network that operates on a worldwide scale. There are over 1000 Home Instead of offices in 12 countries.

Due to the nature of work at Home Instead, the hiring officers have to be meticulous when assessing job applicants. Many individuals apply for the position of caregiver at Home Instead. This position involves going to an individual’s home, caring for them, taking care of their needs and even transporting them. Therefore, it is important to be careful before sending a stranger to the home of an aging individual.

If you are a felon who wishes to work as a caregiver, you may be wondering, ‘Does Home Instead hire felons?’ The answer is no! This is because the safety of the client is a priority and as such the company avoids individuals with a criminal history.

If you are not a felon but have a been arrested for a misdemeanor, you may be considered for employment. Your consideration for employment will be affected by the details of your misdemeanor and how long ago it occurred.

Here, we will explain the employment process at Home Instead. Everything you should know about Home Instead will be explained as well. Lastly, the things you can do to improve your chances of being employed by Home Instead will be listed.

The hiring process at Home Instead

Does Home Instead Hire Felons?

1. Submit your job application: If you would like to work at Home Instead, start by submitting your job application online. If possible, you can also go to the closest office to submit your application. Your application will be assessed and if it is good, you will receive a phone call to schedule your interview.

2. Attend the interview: On the day of your interview, go to the venue with the necessary documents.
Some of the questions you may be asked during the interview include:

– Do you have any experience in adult care?
– Have you worked with someone with * insert illness*?
– How do you deal with difficult individuals?
– What will you do if your patient has a seizure?
– Do you know CPR?
– What will you do if a patient refuses his medication?
– Have you worked with special needs patients before?

Your answers will be used to assess how well suited you are for the job.
After the interview, you will be required to take a drug test. The test can be carried out using a urine sample, blood, mouth swab or hair . You will also be required to take a tuberculosis test.
Consequently, Home Instead will conduct a background check and call your references to check that the information supplied is true.

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3. You may receive a call back.  After all the tests have been conducted and you are deemed fit for the position, you will receive a call from Home Instead. Then, you will be told when you should resume. The entire hiring process can take about 2 weeks to complete.

Before Applying for a Job at Home Instead, Read This

home instead career

Home Instead does not show support for the Ban-The-Box initiative. Therefore the job application form may have a category where you will need to state if you have a criminal record.

2. Having a criminal record makes you ineligible for employment at Home Instead. This is because the safety of the senior or patient is the priority. Furthermore, you may be required to transport the patient. If you have had a prior driving violation or DUI, your application may be rejected for this reason.
Individuals convicted for drug-related crimes will not be considered as well. This is because they will need to handle medications, some of which are prescription only meds.

3. You do not need extensive experience or educational qualifications for this job. While we recommend that you have some experience before applying for a job at Home Instead, it is not compulsory. Home Instead offers in-depth training to all new employees.

4. A background check will be carried out before you are employed by Home Instead. The background check will provide the company with your educational, criminal and work backgrounds. It is not certain if the company also reviews the financial background of job applicants. The background check can go as far back as 7-10 years. If you submit a list of references, your references will be called and interviewed.

5. You will be asked to take a drug test. After you attend the interview, you will be asked for a sample (blood, urine, mouth swap or hair) which will be tested. The results will be provided in a few minutes. If you test positive for any drugs, you will not be employed by Home Instead.

If you are currently using medicinal marijuana, you will not be hired. In this case, you will not be hired because the nature of the job requires that you are sober and mentally alert at all times.

The type of drug test varies according to the location of the Home Instead office you apply to.
Also, some Home Instead branches conduct random drug tests.

6. Some Home Instead branches offer benefits to their employees. Some employees have stated that if they work over 30 hours/ week, they are eligible for dental care, medical and life insurance. They also receive a paid gym membership and discount on their phone calls. Importantly, employees must have worked at Home Instead for at least 2 months to be eligible for these benefits.
Others employees have stated that they receive no benefits.

7. You will need to take a tuberculosis test.

Things you can do to improve your chances of being employed by Home Instead

If you are an ex-convict, it is unlikely that you will be employed by Home Instead. However, if you do not have a criminal record, the tips listed below will help you.

1. Gain some experience in adult health care. The easiest way to achieve this is to attempt caring for a senior family member. If that is not possible, volunteer to be a caregiver.

2. Learn the basics of health care. This includes learning CPR, learn about common ailments and symptoms.

3. Take some short courses (online or class) on how to provide healthcare for seniors. The duration of these classes vary. However, this will be a nice addition to your resume.

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