Does McLane Food Service Hire Felons?

McLane – American base food service – is a distributor of non-food and grocery to wholesale clubs, discount retailers, convenience stores, military bases, drug stores, casual dining restaurants, and quick-service restaurants across the U.S.

They are major distributors of wine, beer, and distilled spirits in some states in the U.S. McLane runs three major sections:

  • Grocery distribution

This segment of the wholesale company services about 49,000 centers

  • Foodservice Distribution

Their foodservice caters to over 36,500 chain restaurants

  • Beverage distribution

They are a major distributor od beverages to about 24,900 retail locations across COlaroda and the Southeastern US.

Quick Nvigation

Does McLane Hire Felons?

Yes. Our research ticks McLane felon-friendly. The company has had- and still has – many persons with felony convictions on their payroll.

Besides, it’s worth knowing that every company considers many factors when hiring. Individual skills and experiences are other key factors that might nullify the effect of a conviction.

Of course, many companies rate performance over some old records.

However, the nature of the crime, number of convictions, duration between release and application, as well as proof of rehabilitation after freedom are other factors that influence employers’ decisions in hiring a felon.

As you go through the application process, do well to spotlight your rehabilitation and reintegration attempts and progress.

Do you have any current job? Have you improved your skillset or gotten some new certifications following your release?

Have you any special and helpful experience and skills that could be an asset to the company?

The above questions are major considerations McLane – and most felon-friendly organizations – factor in during their hiring process.

Does McLane Background Check?

Yes, they do.

The interview process is relatively easy and straightforward. They conduct a one-on-one interview session where individuals are called into an office and asked questions. The interview is followed by a background check.

Our research shows the interview takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to about an hour.

Typically, this process takes approximately two weeks – from one-on-one interviews to the job orientation.

The entire recruitment process may take anywhere from a couple of days to about a couple of months – depending on the position, background check, and individual performances.

With the high turnover of employees at McLane, orientations are often held – perhaps, all year round.

It is noteworthy that McLane interview process differs across locations, particularly due to individual state laws.

If invited for an interview, get set for a drug test. Tests are usually conducted the same day.

The interview features questions typical of warehouse interviews.

The orientation process may take about eight days. If you’ve got a record, be sincere about your criminal history.

The more transparent you are about your past, the higher your chances of securing an appointment.

Typically, their background checks focus on applicants’ 7-year criminal history.

Equal Opportunity Employer

McLane is widely known for its commitment to engaging and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds.

As a proud Equal Opportunity Employer, their hiring decision is not influenced by sex, origin, gender identity, age, religion, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or related sentiments protected by federal or state laws.

They adhere strictly to the Equal Employment Opportunity is The Law guidelines

For other online application issues – whether general or technical – contact McLane via email.

Can I get a good job with a felony?

Yes. Although ex-convicts are widely stigmatized, many companies hire felons – every day.

To increase your chances of getting employed, consider the following:

Prepare your Resume

The need for a neat and well-structured resume goes without saying. This document allows you to spell out your qualifications, skills, and experience.

A well-drafted resume increases your chances of being called for an interview.

Ensure your resume is a single leaf account of your past employment, skills, and training.

You may seek assistance from an experienced resume writer if you ever feel stuck.

Check for Felony-friendly Companies.

Get a list of companies with a history of granting equal opportunities to eligible applicants, regardless of their criminal history.

Several companies out there do not care about one’s criminal past.

Although companies on Ban the box list are widely considered felon-friendly, many other companies hire felons.

If Eligible, always Apply

Many felons miss out on good jobs, simply because they didn’t apply. The fact is, the more applications you submit, the higher your chances of getting called for an interview. And of course, every interview brings you closer to getting hired.

Rehearse for your Interview

You don’t want to ruin an opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager, one-on-one. Here, preparation is the keyword.

The interview outcome is largely dependent on your level of preparation. A good interview practice will most likely get you hired.

A family member or friend could act as an interviewer, while you, the interviewee.

Rehearse with likely interview questions.

Remember, your body language counts as much as your verbal responses.

Get References

References can make a lot of difference. Get good references to vouch for you and relate your prospects to potential hirers.

An employer’s scare – particularly of employing an ex-criminal – drops with reputable references.

Boost your Skillset

Learn more. It’s never too late to get back to your education and improve your skillset.

In the technological sphere, for instance, the emphasis is placed on know-how. Often, such companies have no business with your past.

Take lectures at a local and affordable community college. Update your skills will relevant training programs.

Besides getting you set for the job, furthering your education boosts confidence and speaks positively of your rehabilitation and reintegration progress.

Clearing your Felony Records

Depending on the nature of crime and resident state, state laws allow eligible offenders to clear off their records. This follows a legal process called Expungement.

If successful, the court orders all concerned government agencies to remove the record of arrest, trial, and conviction from the public domain.

Some states allow the complete destruction of records – both physical and virtual.

Although a DIY expungement is possible, inexperience may ruin the process. A certified and experienced lawyer is, therefore, advised.

Finally – Try Entrepreneurship

If you have an eye for business, it’s about time you explored the world of entrepreneurship.  Here, there are no limitations.

You may set up a business, a consultancy firm, or freelancing services.

With your business, you face the same threats and opportunities every other entrepreneur faces. This level playing field gives everyone equal opportunities to excel.

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