Does Starbucks Hire Felons

Does Starbucks Hire Convicted Felons?

Whether you are in search of a new job or switching jobs, employment is a big challenge for felons. As a giant in the coffee shop industry, Starbuck boasts of over 30,000 coffee shops and over 300,000 workers spread across the world. With its workforce and impressive worker’s welfare, Starbucks is the dream of most people – including felons.

But factoring in the typical challenge of felons, here’s a common concern among people with records – Does Starbucks Hire Felons?

Now let’s find out if you stand a chance of getting a job at Starbucks with your record.

Does Starbucks Hire Convicted Felons?

Does Starbucks Hire Felons

Good news – Starbucks does not care about applicants’ criminal histories. However, they would run a criminal background check after successful applicants are offered conditional employment.

This, we found, is to offer people with records a case-by-case assessment. This formula helps the organization prioritize applicants’ potentials and capabilities over their records.

Starbucks reviews all applicant’s background reports on an individual basis. Interestingly, many felons have landed their dream jobs at Starbucks.

The company sets up a committee that looks into applications from ex-criminals. Store location and the applicant’s desired position are two factors that influence the decision of this committee.

Although other factors could outweigh the effect of your criminal past, have a background check in mind.

With its felon-friendly employment policies and a handful of online reviews, Starbucks has hired – and still does employ – felons.

Do Felons Work in Starbucks Shops Presently?

But since they seem to give every applicant a  fair chance, the chances are high, that they have felon employees. Although We couldn’t find any reliable source to verify, this Reddit thread suggests Starbucks hires felons.

How About Applicants With Misdemeanors?

No word from Starbucks on whether or not they hire applicants with a misdemeanor. However, since they provide a level playing ground for all their applicants, then we can assume they won’t disqualify you for your misdemeanor.

Does Starbucks Support the Ban The Box Movement?

Perhaps Ban The Box sounds strange, it’s a campaign that promotes fair opportunities for job applicants – regardless of records or background. Employers on the ban the box list do not question applicants’ past or run a background check.

Any Felon-Designed Scheme at Starbucks?

We couldn’t certify if Starbucks has any felon-specific program or special packages for felons. However, we are sure there is no disturbing discrimination in their hiring practices.

What Are The Entry Level Jobs at Starbucks?

Starbucks’ Career page has a comprehensive list of available positions. Corporate positions, Retail and retail leadership, as well as manufacturing jobs, make the list.

Barista – preparing and serving coffee and taking order payments – is the major entry-level position at Starbucks. They do practically everything – in bits – around the store.

Here’s a nice place to begin your career in the booming coffee shop industry. If you prove reliable, you could get to higher positions – of course with higher remunerations – In no time.

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DO they hire people with a misdemeanor?

Starbucks is committed to offering applicants a fair chance. And if they are open to felony convicts, logically, lesser offenses should not disqualify you.

Now you know you stand a chance of getting a job with a felony, let’s find out how you can scale through the hiring processes and land a Starbucks job.

How to Get Hired with a Felony at Starbucks

Although felons can get hired at Starbucks, their chances are, as expected, relatively low. Employers are exceptionally sentimental about employing one-time criminals.

How then can a felon get hired at Starbucks?

First, polish up your resume to match the value the company seeks. Critically examine their job description and ensure you have what’s needed for the specific position.

Also, past experiences in cafes or coffee shops will give you a special edge over competitors.

Explain, convincingly, how your skills will enhance service delivery and, in turn, improve customers’ overall experience.

Starbucks seeks persons who are positive, enthusiastic, customer-centered, and quick to learn, and can build healthy relationships as well as fit into teams seamlessly.

As you await an interview, be prepared to put your best foot forward. Since your felony is a potential drawback, you need to prove that you’ve got more than your record says.

Here are some helpful tips to increase your overall performance at your interview

Your Dressing matter

You don’t want your outfit screaming, “I’ve done time.” And your hirers could penalize you for that.

So, when showing up for your interview, remember your dress introduces you even before you say a word.

Starbucks’ Look Book better explains how much your appearance matters to them. Try to match the requirement in the book, and that alone may overshadow some one-time offense on your record.

Starbucks loves good manners too

Baristas’ work routine borders around serving customers. So, during an interview, your hiring manager may throw some subtle teasers to see how well you’d interact with customers if hired.

Maintain firm but calm and friendly eye contact. Give concise responses to questions. Speak only when necessary. Use kind words and all mannerism that expresses your buyer-seller relationship skills.

Your job history

Most felons – due to the time spent in prison – have empty spaces on their employment history. If this is you, be ready to discuss that with your hiring manager.

Although Starbucks may not rub your past on your face, they love honesty. So, whenever the need to talk about your past comes, do not dodge or lie about it. Say exactly what played out.

Be in charge of the narrative, explaining how you have become a better person after your incarceration.

Proofs of your successful rehabilitation and reentering progress will go a long way.

It all boils down to being truthful about your past, but dwelling on your current positive life.

Ace the drug test – stay clean

Starbucks runs a strict drug test screening on all its applicants. Compliance level to the drug test policy may, however, vary across locations.

If you use drugs for recreation, you may need to quit before turning in your application.

We recommend that applicants visit the specific store location they wish to apply to and find out how things work there.

For stores inside a larger outlet like IKEA or Target, the patent stores usually dictate the drug policies.

Getting Hired as a Felon at Starbucks

Getting Hired as a Felon at Starbucks

How can a felon get a job at Starbucks? No special rules – do as everyone would. Polish your resume to suit their requirement and ensure you understand their job description.

Are you applying for a barista? You know effective communication is a keyword here – the art of engaging customers and understanding their needs through pleasant communication.

Experience with other coffee stores could increase your chances.

If you get enlisted for an interview, here are some helpful tips to increase your chances:

Physical Appearance

Baristas, for example, often relate to customers, directly. So, Starbucks will most likely award points to your outlook during the interview. And, of course, your dress sense and overall physical appearance speak volumes.

To better understand the relevance of your dress code in landing a job at Starbucks, see their “Look Book.” If your dress code matches their standard, then, you’re a step closer to landing a Starbucks job.

Even Starbucks Hates Bad Manners

A barista’s job is widely customer-woven. And everyone knows customers are king. So before you show up, be ready to prove to the interviewer how much you can welcome, engage, and give their customers all-round satisfaction when they come buying. However, avoid excessively long speeches – be concise and precise.

Job Experience

Most felons have a poor resume – of course, they spend most time incarcerated. If that’s you, prepare to speak on that.

Although your record doesn’t count, just be honest – say something about your charges. While you narrate – convincingly compare the person you were with what you’ve become. However, dwell on your good present – more than your bad past.

Does Starbucks Run Background Checks?

Yes, Starbucks Run Background Check on New Employees – but after you’ve got a provisional job offer. Based on your specific crime, a background check will either disqualify you or give you an opportunity to present your case and give enough reason to be considered for employment. As a business that interacts with customers –physically – violence- and theft-related violence will dampen your chances.

Like I said above, They do. However, the background check is conducted only for persons who have scaled through the interview procedures and have been considered for employment.

Each application is handled on an individual basis. The company sets up an impartial Adjudication Committee that scrutinizes all applications from felons or persons with misdemeanor

  • The review team ensures all applications are handled without any form of discrimination.
  • The unbiased committee considers the applicants based on individual skills and location.
  • Starbucks allows a felon an opportunity to convince the company to hire them even with their conviction.

Are there specific felony convictions that may hinder my chances at Starbucks?

Now, you know – Starbucks is open to hiring convicts. Some specific felony, however, may further dampen one’s hope of getting hired.

Since most Starbucks’ entry-level barista jobs involve direct interaction with customers, theft-, and violence-related records may further weaken your chances.

Before you fill out an application, consider what your record says. This will help you choose a job, based on what your history says.

Wrap up

Still, you want your best foot forward throughout the screening process.

So, while you can get a good job at Starbucks, remember to:

  • dress smart
  • flaunt your skills
  • be honest
  • stay off drugs
  • show you’ve turned over a new leaf and ready to lead a productive life again.

If you get these tips right, your dream job might be sooner than you ever thought.

Last Tip

Do you seek a job at Starbucks as a felon? Thankfully, Starbucks is on the Ban Box list, and may not place so much importance on your records. However, you want to put your best foot first during the screening process – particular at the interview.

Dress smart and presentable, prove why you’re the best man for the job, and show how much you’ve changed after your time. If you do these well, your chances are high. So, Good luck!

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