does subway drug test

Does Subway Drug Test Their Employee?

If you are looking for a new job one of the companies that you need to consider is Subway. It is one of the most popular sandwich shops in the world and there are franchises and branches all over the United States.

This is a great place to start working if you are a teenager and looking for some spending money while you are going to school or for a career if you want to get into management.

However, one of the main questions that you might have is the requirements and if Subway drug tests before hiring, so keep reading on to find out more.

Does Subway Drug Test?

does subway drug test

Like most of the companies in the United States, Subway does drug test their candidates, which means that you need to know about it. They say that they do this, especially for the management positions, but there are some locations that would since it is at their discretion.

If they do a drug test, then it would be a urine test that would look at the various types of drugs in your system. This is important since you need to be aware of whether or not you are going to be able to pass it if required.

You won’t have this done directly at the store, but instead, it is likely that they would hire a company to do this. They would let you know when you should be arriving at these locations and what you would need to do when it comes to having the drug test done. They will also let you know what the results are before they hire you and they will go from there.

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Process to Apply

Another thing that you should be aware of is what the process would be for you to apply and get a job here. There are various methods that you can go for, including heading to the store where you can fill out an application for the position that you are interested in.

They would let you know if they are hiring and if they are, then they can let you know when you should come in for an interview.

Also, depending on if you are interested in applying for the higher management positions, then you can find all of the information online. This would include the email address that you would need to send your resume and other important information so they can get in contact with you.

However, you can also apply at any store for these positions if they have openings or you can be promoted over time.

Career Options

There are many career options that you would be able to enjoy if you were to come to and work at Subway and you should know what they are. Some of the positions that you can hold includes:

  • Sandwich artist
  • Senior sandwich artist
  • Franchise business consultant
  • Store manager
  • Assistant manager
  • District manager
  • Shift manager
  • Field consultant
  • Shift leader
  • Trainees for all positions

You should always make sure that you are thinking about just what you want to do and what level you are aiming to reach for your future career.

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Responsibilities and Duties

drug test

Another area that you need to be aware of is some of the responsibilities and duties that you would have depending on the position that you hold. It is helpful if you are aware of some of the positions as well as the responsibilities that you might hold if you were to go with an upper-level position. Here are some of the main ones to be aware of, including:

  • Franchise business consultant
    • Public speaking and presentation
    • In-depth evaluation for compliance
    • Collaborative leadership
    • Time management
  • Store manager
    • Increase the number of sales by customer satisfaction, growing guest checks, and suggestive selling
    • Completion of weekly and daily reports with accuracy
    • Execution of inventory and cash control systems
    • Generation of weekly schedules keeping with the budgeted goals for labor
    • Precise and manageable ordering of food products
    • Develop and encourage the team to keep customers satisfied
    • Maintain a clean store and appealing look of the restaurant
  • Shift manager
    • Greeting and serving the guests
    • Maintain sanitation and food safety standards
    • Completion of light paperwork
    • Trains new sandwich artists in regards to their responsibilities and tasks
    • Understands and sticks to all procedures, formulas, and quality standards set out by Subway
  • Assistant manager
    • Cash control
    • Management of inventory
    • Making sandwiches when needed for the guests
    • Training any new employees
    • Employee scheduling
  • District manager
    • Oversees all of the store managers
    • Overseeing of all daily operations for 5 to 8 different locations
    • Responsible for hiring and training of all new employees
    • Handling of all store emergencies

Ensure that you know what the requirements are going to and what the responsibilities are so that you can be sure you are meeting them. There are different responsibilities for various positions in each store and Subway has some of the top managers and employees in the world.

Educational Requirements

There are also going to be various educational requirements that you might need to be aware of for the different positions, including:

  • Franchise business consultant – 3 years or more of experience in management and a Bachelors degree from any university, but educational requirements can be substituted if you have enough experience in the industry
  • Store management – High school diploma and 3 to 5 years of management experience
  • Shift manager or assistant manager – High school diploma
  • District manager – College degree or management experience that would be equivalent
  • Restaurant manager – Associates or Bachelors degree

If you are interested in working as a sandwich artist, then you don’t need to have any special type of education, especially if you are still in school.

Pay Rate and Benefits

You would also want to know about the pay rate for the positions that you are looking at. Here is some of the basic information regarding pay grades, including:

  • Sandwich artist – Pay based on minimum wage for the state
  • Shift managers, assistant managers, and managers in training – $9 to $16 per hour based on location and experience
  • Store manager – $30,000 to $40,000 per year along with bonuses
  • Field consultant – Starts at $500 per week based on location

Another thing to consider are the benefits that you might get when you work here, such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • 401K plan
  • Travel expenses paid based on the position
  • Paid vacation
  • Meal reimbursement or free meals
  • Free uniforms
  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Monthly bonuses for managers
  • Tuition reimbursement

These are all important things that one should make sure that they are aware of when it comes to working for Subway.

You need to know these things before you make the final choice regarding positions, especially if you are looking for a long-term career that will help you be successful.

Yes, most of the companies in the US require drug tests before they hire anyone, but they might not be performed based on the location and desire of the company.

However, you should make sure that you are aware of the various positions that you can work at or be promoted to, such as managers and much more.

Also, there is plenty to know about responsibilities, duties, educational levels, and even salary-based information and benefits that you should be aware of.

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