Does Dollar Tree Drug Test

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test? Dollar Tree ‘K&K 5&10’ is an American-based discount store chain based in Chesapeake, Virginia. The company claims it has more than 15,000 locations in the United States and Canada.

The idea behind the retail chain came from Ray Compton, Macon Brock, and Doug Perry, co-founders of the Norfolk, Virginia-headquartered K&K Toys.

The trio founded the “Only $1.00,” the retail chain in 1986. With only five locations in Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia, the co-founders agreed to sell its K&K toy stores to the Melville Corporation’s KB Toys in 1991.

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test

Following the K&K toy store acquisition, the co-founders began focusing all of their energy on its dollar stores. Two years later, the co-founders renamed its dollar store chain ‘Dollar Tree,” a well-known name among American consumers.

Three years later, the Dollar Tree chain went public, earning a market cap of $225 million. Over the next four years, Dollar Tree acquired the bankrupted Everything’s A Dollar retailer, Chicago-based Collar Bill$, California-based 98-Cent Clearance Centers, and New York-based 98-Cent Clearance Centers.

To support its growing need, Dollar Tree Stores opened two distribution centers, one in Chesapeake, Virginia, and another in Olive Branch, Mississippi. It also opened a support center in Chesapeake as well.

Today, the company has 11 distribution centers and more than 6,800 locations throughout Canada and the United States. Having explained a little bit about the company, let’s get to the main question again; Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Does Dollar Tree Stores Perform Workplace Drug Testing?

A Google search rendered conflicting information about Dollar Tree’s workplace drug testing policies. Some current and former employees claim the company does do pre-employment drug testing while others dispute the claims.

A current ASM at an undisclosed Dollar Tree location claimed (per Indeed) the company does not require job applicants to undergo standard drug testing procedures. Another source claims the retail chain does have a strict pre-employment drug testing policy, requiring all qualified job candidates to submit to a drug test prior to getting hired.

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Does Dollar Tree Perform Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Does Dollar Tree Perform Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Several online sources claim Dollar Tree does not require eligible job candidates to undergo pre-employment drug testing. If these claims are true, eligible job candidates are not required to submit to a drug test prior to getting hired at a Dollar Tree location.

Works To Maintain A Drug-Free Workplace

With little evidence and conflicting information, Dollar Tree’s workplace drug testing requirements and procedures are still up in the air. However, the company’s Code of Ethics supports a drug-free workplace across its platform. The company discourages its workers from taking part in illicit drug and alcohol use at work and at home.

The company claims to utilize workplace drug testing when in certain situations. For example, an active employee who arrives at work appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The onsite manager is notified and immediately initiates an investigation into the matter.

Since the employee’s strange behavior is enough to raise suspicion, the online manager has the right to request third-party drug testing. This is a very common practice among retail managers and supervisors who are dealing with suspicious employee behavior that appears to be associated with alcohol or drug activity.

Dollar Tree Mission Policy

Dollar Tree’s Mission Statement claims it is driven by value and customers. Its single-price-point (one-dollar-price-point) is to ensure both American and Canadian consumers access to quality, affordable products. It continuously monitors its progress to ensure maximum benefits for its community, customers, investors, and employees.

Dollar Tree Careers

Dollar Tree Stores has several career categories – store associate, logistics, corporate, store management, and distribution center. All careers are filled by qualified job candidates with the ambition to help the company grow.

The company utilizes hiring practices that guarantee fairness and equal rights across its platform. There are always job opportunities available throughout the Dollar Tree employment platform.

Dollar Tree careers include the following:

  • Sales Floor Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Distribution Center Associate
  • Category Merchant
  • District Manager
  • Director DC HR
  • Payroll Associate
  • Manager Construction Admin
  • Marketing & Category Analytics Analyst
  • HR Analytics & Operations Manager
  • Associate Merchant
  • Architectural Project Manager
  • Regional Transportation Manager
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Associate Relations Specialist
  • Replenishment Analyst

Dollar Tree offers its active employees plenty of advancement opportunities. The company is notable for hiring within to allow its workers the opportunity to advance in their Dollar Tree careers.

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Dollar Tree Job Responsibilities

Each Dollar Tree career has unique responsibilities and duties, such as database entry and management, price change oversight, assist and perform administrative duties, customer service, deal with suppliers, update and manage UPC codes, employee and customer support, coordinate vendor and team meetings, and new product set up.

Again, the responsibilities change with each Dollar Tree job position. However, all workers are required to exhibit exemplary communication, customer service, and computer skills.

Dollar Tree Employee Benefits

Dollar Tree offers its employees medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefit opportunities. Employees receive paid-time-off for vacations, family bereavement, holidays, personal days, and more.

The company encourages its employees to join its Wellness Program, which supports healthy eating and weight loss management. The program gives Dollar Tree employees the tools needed to achieve in their professional and personal lives. It also encourages employees who are frequent tobacco users to stop using to avoid potential health complications.

Dollar Tree has a Travel Assistance Program to ensure its employees have access to the much-needed resources to stay safe and healthy during vacations. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide.

Dollar Tree believes in giving back to its employees when they are in need through its Employee Assistance Program. The program was specifically designed to help active workers emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially overcome life-altering challenges.

Pros Of Workplace Drug Testing At Dollar Tree

Pros Of Workplace Drug Testing At Dollar Tree

Many Dollar Tree employees have taken their drug testing concerns to social media, with a few supporting the idea. There is a lot to be considered when it comes to workplace drug testing. These factors include expense, integrity, value, and legal repercussion.

Since Dollar Tree most likely does not perform workplace drug testing, it has considered these factors in its early operational stages.

Workplace drug testing costs American employers thousands of dollars each year, which is why some companies opt out right from the get-go. It is difficult to implement workplace drug testing policies after years of being in operation. At least, this is what some companies tend to believe.

The mere mention of drug testing in a workplace can grow suspicion among workers, managers, and senior officials. It could result in finger-pointing across the board, which is something some companies are not willing to risk.

Dollar Tree is a very profitable retail chain, reporting billions of dollars in annual revenue. In 2019, the company reported over $22 billion in revenue, with was a significant (2.6 percent) increase from 2018.

Cons Of Workplace Drug Testing At Dollar Tree

Non-existent drug testing policies in the workplace have some downsides. One downside involves employee drug addiction. If a company refuses to drug test suspicious behavior, how will it ever know if an employee has a drug or alcohol addiction?

Workplace drug testing failures have contributed to unfair employee dismissal, resulting in costly lawsuits. Drug testing is not without risks. A false-negative could put the employee at a disadvantage with nowhere to turn.

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