Can a convicted felon work for UPS?

Does UPS Hire Felons? Can a convicted felon work for UPS?

Getting back to mainstream life is no doubt a great ordeal for any felon. On one hand, there is a pressure of gaining a respectable status in society and family. On another hand, it’s always a huge challenge to find a job with a previous criminal record.

The job market is obviously not exactly very kind to felons. Most employers run background checks on potential candidates before recruitment. If the check shows conviction history for a candidate, s/he is most likely to be rejected outright. But then, there are actually some employers who are liberal enough to recruit eligible felons in their workforce.

Now, the question comes- is UPS ready to hire felons?

The post below offers a brief on whether or not you will be hired by UPS despite your conviction history.

Why seek a job in UPS?

does ups hire feons

One of the biggest and most esteemed names in the international package shipping space, UPS is a big-shot employer any day. The company holds facilities in more than 300 countries and hence assures extensive job opportunities for applicants. And UPS does hire felons.

There are various positions one can apply for while seeking a job in UPS. These range from drivers to package handlers to management executives and so on. Most of the employees here begin from the position of drivers or package handlers.

You will be glad to know the package shipping giant hires around 120,000 staff during the holiday time only for part-time position in package handling. The package handlers in UPS usually work part-time, in 3-5 hours shifts at various times and on different days.

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The application process: How to Apply for Job at UPS

The entire job application process for UPS is carried and completed online only. The most typical questions that a potential applicant has to answer here are- personal details like phone number, email id, address as well as SSN.

You may also have to submit references, based on the position you are applying for. You may be asked to provide the reference of your previous employer for evaluation by the UPS HR team.

The company will contact interested candidates for interview. These candidates will have to participate in group orientation program with 10 to 15 other applicants. At this stage, each application would have to sit for individual interview with hiring managers of the company.

The HR managers will inform the candidate about the designated job duties, based on the position he has applied for. The candidate will also be informed about physical demands relevant to the job.

Besides, the first phase of the application in UPS will also involve background check on the applicants.

Now, you must be getting apprehensive of your chances of securing a job in UPS. You must be thinking the moment the company will get to know about your criminal past, you will be rejected outright. Well, things are not so grim here.

As mentioned previously, UPS does hire felons. However, that doesn’t imply every felon who will apply here will be selected.

Basically, UPS maintains certain guidelines while recruiting felons in the workforce.

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UPS guidelines regarding Hiring of felons

Can a convicted felon work for UPS?

As per the statements of the company spokesperson, the international package shipping giant does not have an overall separate policy regarding recruitment of felons. The company makes their evaluation & decision on case-to-case basis.

The felons who are hired by company are generally recruited in part-time warehouse or package-handler positions. These are undoubtedly some of the most physically demanding jobs yet these are some extremely popular positions in the company.

The most vital part in the UPS guideline for recruitment of felons is the time period between the submission of job application and the release from prison. Besides, the guidelines also count in the felony type committed by the application as well as whether or not the person was accused of multiple felonies.

Needless to mention, UPS would prefer to work with an applicant who has taken serious steps in rectifying their lives and securing a respectable stand in the society. The company wants felon applicants who are truthful about the conviction and are flexible to discuss the related details. UPS also counts on the applicants who’ve shown significant interest and progress in rehabilitation.

Steps you should take

If you are a felon willing to find a job in UPS, it’s advised to go for re-entry program to increase your chances. You can also opt for further education & professional training to leverage your candidature in the recruitment sector of the company.

Another suggestion is to request expungement of records. A lot of companies prefer to work with felons with expunged records. UPS does not follow any hard & fast rule regarding this.

But, then, the firm will obviously give more preference to a felon-applicant if he can show expunged record compared to another fellow felon-applicant who still hasn’t sealed his records.

As mentioned previously, UPS hires a massive influx of part-time workers during the holiday time. So, you will have greater chances of getting hired if you apply at that time.

Now, you must be wondering about the security of your job after the holiday season gets over. Well, you will be relieved to know UPS prefers to hire full-time staff from its part-time workforce only.

So, just make sure to work hard and stay committed to your job. If you are honest with your efforts, your endeavor is likely to get noticed. UPS always prefers dedicated hard-working employees.

So, if you can prove your worth, you are likely to get promoted. Thus, remember, you have to give your best to ensure job security in UPS.

Nobody said it will be easy. But then, it’s not impossible. Always remember, UPS wants quality employees. Your job is to work hard enough to present yourself in the best light possible.

Family support is vital

It’s always hard for a felon to prepare himself for the mainstream society and a respectable employment after a dark life behind the bars. This is where family support becomes even more important. Those who are close to the felon should come forward to prepare him for his second innings.

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