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Does Whole Foods drug test its Employees?

An Overview: Does Whole Foods drug test its Employees?

Whole Foods Markett Inc. — commonly, Whole Foods — is a chain of grocery stores founded September 20, 1980, in Austin, Texas.  They specialize in offering organic and natural products — only.

Their impressive employees’ welfare package —backed by several workplace awards — makes them a dream working environment for many job applicants. Loads of online testimonials validate this claim.

 A Brief History of Whole Foods Market Inc. History of Whole Foods Market

Present co-CEO, John Mackey, funded a natural foods outfit with a $45,000-loan from family and friends. ‘SaferWay,’ — its original name — lasted, but, for two years until 1980 when it sealed a merger deal with a grocery store.  This ‘marriage’ birthed a new name, Whole Foods Market — which is, to date.

This promising merger recorded a significant growth profile in its early years. And in 1948, they had set up sores in other locations outside Austin, Texas. Their rapid growth was widely attributed to the acquisition of smaller competitors — among other factors.

By 1999, Whole Foods boasted of over a hundred locations across the United States.

Currently, Whole Foods Market is spotted across about 472 locations across the world.

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Does Whole Foods drug test its Employees in [year]?

Do Applicants Go Through Drug Test at Whole Foods? Generally, Whole Foods has no drug screening provisions for job applicants — or employees — on their employment policy. However, they could conduct a test whenever they deem necessary.

Our findings reveal that Whole Foods may only carry out a drug test on employees consigned to safety-sensitive job descriptions.

However, Whole Food may conduct a random drug test on employees — typically inspired by suspicion, usually after an irregular accident, attitude, or performance.

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 D0 Applicants Undergo a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Do Applicants Go Through Drug Test at Whole Foods

There is no stringent drug testing policy — So, you may not be drug-tested before employment. However — across some locations — applicants seeking safety-sensitive jobs may need to run a pre-employment drug test.

Among a couple of locations, Whole Foods Market, Mountain View, California, demands that applicants undergo a drug test. However, at this location, an independent lab approved by Whole Foods conducts the drug test.

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 What Particular Drugs Do their Drug Test Detect?

Whole Foods’ drug test is primarily to discourage drug abuse among employees. A 5-panel urine test is usually conducted to detect cocaine, marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, and opiate metabolites.

What are the Drug Tests Used?

Employees — and applicants — are screened with either a urine drug test (UDT) or urine drug screening(UDS) procedure. UDT is basically of two types — gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, and immunoassay.

Primarily, Immunoassay is more preferred because it offers quick results. However, if the result comes up positive, GC/MS — being a more reliable measure — is often used to reverify.

How Do I Apply for a Job at Whole Foods Market?

Here are some ways to fill out and submit your application form:


You can visit the whole foods market website and follow the process. Simply fill out and submit your application form.


If you need some extra guidance, you could visit Whole Foods’ physical stores. Most stores have computers you can use to complete your application.

Although the application process is the same — whether done at Whole Food Stores or personally on your PC — your physical presence could help gain some helpful physical connections.

Interested persons without a computer — or/and reliable internet access — can leverage this opportunity.

Paper application

If the Whole Food store near you does not have a computer service, you may visit the customer service point and ask for a paper application alternative. When going for a paper application, look good and smart — and come with your CV.

The Application Process

On average, an online application for a Whole Foods Market job is as easy as it gets. Typically, you should be done with the process in not more than half of an hour — albeit, your resume and cover letter should be prepared beforehand.

After choosing a suitable position and preferred store location, you’d be required to set up an account. The account setup can be pretty easy – all you need is a password and email ID. The account setup won’t last more than a minute.

Who is Eligible for Hire at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods supports equal employment opportunities for all job applicants. This means age, ethnicity, gender, or disability should not dampen your chances of getting hired.

What are some available jobs at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods offer prospective employees a range of job opportunities. Common among the lot are associate team leaders, store support, team leaders, team members, and store team leaders. For more on their individual requirements and responsibilities, see the whole foods Market career page.

There are many other opportunities — spread across its locations globally. For regular and reliable updates on vacancies, visit their official website from time to time.

Who Are the Best Person for the job?

Whole Foods Market seeks individuals with such values and interests that complement its organizational philosophy and goals. That means prospective employees are better off fans of natural and organic foods and their positive impact on society’s well-being.

Bear in mind, also, that Whole Foods Market emphasizes customer service. So, you may stand a higher chance if you list relevant experiences and skills on your CV.

The relevance of your experience in the said field, coupled with some unique skills up your sleeves will go a long way. However, ensure you take a thorough look at the job description and fine-tune your resume and interview tactics to increase your employment chances with Whole Foods.

Any Age barriers?

Whole Food Market accepts applications from job seekers aged 16 years above. Albeit, the age requirement for specific positions varies across positions.


Seeking to apply for a job at Whole Foods? Why the wait? Go ahead – You’d hardly ever regret your decision. They offer incredible workers’ packages and an opportunity to grow your career.

Whole Foods, do not have any stringent pre-employment drug testing policy. However, some safety-sensitive positions may require a drug test.

In the course of duty, Whole Food managers will keep an eye on employees for irregularities. When abnormal performance and accidents are noticed, suspects may undergo a drug test.

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